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Website Hosting Services

Website Hosting Services.

When you choose Blue Whale Media as your trusted website design partner, you have a range of customisable choices surrounding website and server hosting. Our expert team are at your service to assist you in deciding which hosting service will be the best fit to deliver your unique business and websites goals.

We cater every hosting package to your unique business requirements. No matter how high your web traffic is or how complex your hosting needs are, we will collaborate and work alongside you to find the most appropriate and profitable fit.

Our customers can be assured that they are receiving the most exemplary service for you and your website at the most competitive prices. Whilst many companies may know the exact kind of content or website they require, web hosting can be a difficult decision to make. Our website hosting team at Blue Whale Media has vast knowledge and varied experience in providing customised and cost-efficient hosting plans tailored to suit your needs.

You can choose from shared server hosting and virtual private hosting, depending on your website traffic and specific needs.

Blue Whale Media

Our Web Hosting Ideology.

At Blue Whale Media, our fundamental focus is to work alongside customers and their specific needs to ensure satisfaction. We understand that every business wants a stable, secure and responsive website. We strive to provide 100% network uptime for your website and services and ensure that all necessary firewalls and security applications are installed and always up to date.

WordPress integrated

WordPress Integrated

Server Monitoring

Server Monitoring

Daily website backups

Daily Backups

WordPress Logo
Website hosting with WP Engine

WP Engine.

WordPress has been helping users to create and customise websites for over 15 years and is now the world’s most utilised content management system. Empowering the original content creators of the internet, WP Engine supports just about anything that can be put onto a website. Ranging from video content and e-commerce solutions to social media and integration insights regarding your visitors, WP Engine offers an integrated set of tools to build a successful website. They have multiple server bases, which ensure disaster recovery protocol for your business.

Host your website with us

Blue Whale Media

Why Host Your Website With Us.

At Blue Whale Media Ltd, we don’t offer a hosting-only package. This ensures that all of the websites on our server are maintained and kept up to date. Ensuring your website is maintained can be a factor that most companies overlook. Leaving a website with updates required to the CMS, theme or plugin extensions can lead to vulnerabilities to the website and server and should never be recommended. We run a six weekly rota for updates to ensure those website vulnerabilities are kept to a minimum.

Set Pricing

At Blue Whale Media, we have a range of available options, but all customers receive the same price for the same service.

Partnered with the Best

With speed and security established, WP Engine ensures that your websites are fully functional and feature-rich.

Amazing Infrastructure

By working with one of the world’s largest companies in web services, you will never need to worry about downtime.

Continuous Development

The team at Blue Whale Media continue to research the latest infrastructure needs for companies and ensure they have the best options available.

A Wealth of Experience

Our web hosting team is experienced in crafting bespoke solutions for our clients and their websites requirements.

Expect Aftercare

We have a dedicated support board for all our hosting and support clients where you can upload your ticket 24/7.


£40 +VAT Per Month

The WordPress software and security updates are done monthly for you

The theme software and security updates are done monthly

The plugin theme software and security updates are also done monthly

We ensure secure hosting and your website is backed up hourly

400 MB Storage

Up to 8GB Bandwidth

Up to 5000 visits per month


£60 +VAT Per Month

The WordPress software and security u