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Video Production

By providing a great final live shoot production, we push ourselves visually and creatively; we aim to deliver live shoots that exceed your expectations. For bold and stylistic live shoot video production, our in-house team at Blue Whale Media are your dedicated production partner. We work with clients to build long-lasting relationships during the live shoot production process, ensuring we deliver a project that suits your needs and works to enhance your business. We can choose the perfect location for your live shoot video, we also have experience with selecting a wide range of locations and we are often in search of new and exciting filming locations. We liaise with a range of venues for indoor and outdoor locational shoots, such as famous landmarks, urban and wild areas, sea and river side, rooftop venues, and terraced gardens. Our team also have a full professional filming kit to capture your live shoot and ensure that we get the content we need to create a stunning video.

Areas of Expertise

At Blue Whale Media, our team can create a video that engages viewers on many levels, not through what is said but through what they see. The more exciting a video is, the more likely it is that people will want to know more. Our main aim when filming and producing a video is to ensure the content engages the audience while the conversation is still happening and the right message is delivered. Our area of expertise is vast, we have worked for a range of clients, from large corporate companies to local business owners, restaurants, musicians and more. Working throughout varying sectors creating live shoot video productions has enabled us to grow and establish a reliable process for each client. Using a video to market your business is a very effective way to attractmore customers or clients; our areas of expertise include charities, communications, corporate business, live events, promotions and campaign videos.


Our Process.


Within the information gathering process, we will understand the goals for your brand or business and what your customer expectations are. What targets do you have, and who are your competitors? This is the information that will help us to establish a plan for your project.


Our Process.


The Pre-Production stage is the first step in creating the video; we aim to focus on the preparation details. From researching and storyboarding to coordinating the logistics, dates, locations, and everything needed to bring your project to life.


Our Process.


The next step is production, we aimto make this stage as easy as possible for you, but this is where the fun begins. Our team will film, capture or gather footage for your video; the more footage we have, the better chance we have to ensure a high-quality result.


A promotional video should raise awareness of your product, brand or service, turning those looking eyes into buys. Our first step within our promotional video services is to understand your business goals and create a video that delivers value, results and makes a connection with your audience.  With years of experience across varying industries when filming and developing promotional videos, we aim to hit the perfect balance between capturing your audience’s attention and ensuring we get your message across.


An event video that is done well should be excitable, enthusiastic and convincing. When you hold an event, you want to be able to share the buzz or atmosphere of the day. Our video production team are experienced when dealing with small or large events; we will handle any sort of situation throughout the planning and production process. With a flexible approach, we aim to put our client’s needs and goals first; event videography is the most effective way to communicate with your audience.


1/3 of all online activity is spent watching videos, so why wouldn’t you want a corporate video for your business? A corporate video is key when convincing your audience that you have something to offer. At Blue Whale Media, our in-house video production team use imagination to create awe-inspiring video content that you can use throughout your organisation. Our corporate videos csn be used as internal and external communication tools that enable your brand to convey your message interactively.

Product Launch.

Product videos are in high demand within the Ecommerce sector; they allow you to showcase your products in a creative way. At Blue Whale Media, we can bring your products to life with a product launch video that will excite your audience. We work closely with clients to fully understand business goals marketing objectives, creating an engaging product video. A product video can display the purpose and features of your product accurately while also delivering a clear message to your audience, explaining the benefits.

Capture Your Audience.

Asvisual storytellers, our team at Blue Whale Media captures brands and business messages with live shoot video production. Videos should inspire and impress your audience with the ultimate aim of achieving your business goals. We approach every project with imagination and passion; with a live shoot video production, we aim to deliver your company’s message in the best way. Our videos are nothing short of visually stunning; we dedicate our time to ensuring we capture your target audience with a successful video.



Half a day shooting, 1 day editing, 1 set of amends,

Pre-production paperwork, Client meeting, Support during handover

Up to 1 minute in length

Perfect for testimonials, short corporate overviews, product videos


2D animation

Up to 1 minute in length

2 Days production

Perfect for animated explainers that can incorporate stock footages

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