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What Is a Website Audit?

A website audit is an effective way of assessing your website for SEO purposes on various criteria. The types of criteria assessed include duplicated content, broken links, slow page speed and other factors that may cause your website to be penalised in SEO rankings. Website audits are a fast way of telling you where you might be going wrong on your current pages and highlights areas for improvement.

Website Audit

What is covered by a Website Audit?

Website Audits Cover several areas of concern that may have potentially adverse effects on your website’s SEO rankings. The areas assessed include the content on and off your page, the loading and functionality of your pages, the amount of links present and many more.

Running an audit on your website is a great way to analyse and track the current performance of your website in areas such as SEO content, link building, word count and other areas that might impact your current search engine ranking. Once areas for improvement are highlighted, we can work together to fix them

Searches for duplicate content

When it comes to SEO, content as Google claimed is ‘king’. Duplication of content can result in heavy penalisation by search engines. We highlight where Content may have been duplicated to avoid this.

Identifies slow page speed

Is there anything more annoying than a slow loading page? Well yes, there is the penalisation your website may face due to slow loading pages. We pick up on these kind of pages during our audit.

Finds missing tags

An easy mistake to make but potentially a very costly one if not corrected. Our audit picks up any and every missing title tag included within your website.

Low word count

Gone are the days of short and sweet content boosting your SEO. Google and other search engines are becoming increasingly fixated on long-form content. Our audit analyses your current content for word count and highlights areas for improvement.

Broken Links

Broken or spam links present on your website can have very negative implications for your website’s SEO ranking. Our audit checks the genuine nature of your links and highlights any that need amending.

Why should you get a Website Audit. Everything you’ll ever need.

Accurate Information

All the information we gather is through highly sophisticated, website auditing software. All of our staff receive specialist training in the various software packages and tools that we use, this results in highly accurate readings.

Social Media Tracking

Our social media experts and website auditors work together to analyse your organisation’s social media pages for all the relevant criteria. Once all areas have been analysed, our social media experts can advise you on what to do going forward.

Up To Date Google Tracking

Google Analytics and other software packages allow us to monitor the effectiveness of on and off-page SEO. Once we have identified your problems and started making progress, we can monitor your performance.

Tailored Marketing Plans

After we both have the relevant information about your website from the audit, our in house marketing team tailor a marketing strategy fit to your specific needs. We help design and implement every stage of this plan.

Bespoke Report

The information we gather is condensed into reports compiled exclusively for our client’s viewing. These reports can be done one-off or continuously to track a website’s progression.

Brand Monitoring

Our audit identifies where your brand is mentioned by name logo or any other form of identifying factor. We make sure that your brand is mentioned where it should be and not where it shouldn’t.

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