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At Blue Whale Media, we firmly believe that first impressions are lasting. We deliver complete and thorough branding services that are guaranteed to create an appealing brand.

Website Branding
Website Branding Service
Online Branding

Your Branding Consultants.

What can you do when your products or services are not flying off the shelves and don’t get the opportunity to provide your customers with the exceptional service you know you can? To succeed, you need to ensure consistent brand application across all media platforms. With strong brand guidelines in place and a clear and concise plan, your brand will flourish and grow from strength to strength.

The success in branding all begins with professionally designed and crafted logos and graphics. Choose our talented team at Blue Whale Media to be your trusted partner in upgrading your branding.

Our Branding Process.

The brand development process involves several stages. The first step is to identify the values of your brand and to create a branding proposition. We then move on to the consulting and research stage to define the messaging approach and create a visual language. Combined, these will build your brand identity. In the next stage, we brainstorm creative ideas and concepts to connect with the audience, change perceptions, and drive lasting results for your business.

Our Branding Services.


Blue Whale Media’s brand consulting team and PR specialists offer a wide range of branding Widnes services. Whether it’s our graphic department designing customised company stationery or the PR team conceptualising your new organisational name, our creativity and commitment in branding is unrivaled.

Here at Blue Whale Media Ltd, we tailor our branding Widnes to help your business achieve; Brand Recognition, Product Enhancement, National Engagement and a unique look.

Platforms We Design With.
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Presenter
Adobe After Effects
Adobe InDesign
Adobe Premiere
Logo Design.

As a professional logo design company, we have helped our clients make a connection with their audience. No matter the type of business you are in, no matter the size of your audience, our branding Widnes service is aimed to deliver the results you are looking for.

Custom Business Stationary.

Sometimes digital marketing isn’t personal enough. Make someone think about your business every time they use one of your Blue Whale designed branded pens or other stationery.

Business Branding.

Print-based marketing can help you stand out from the crowds and add credibility to your organisation. We design and create brochures, ads, posters and all other sorts of print-based marketing.

Product Branding.

We are capable of handling every aspect of branding involved with your product from the initial stages right through to the launch of a brand campaign.