Four methods to ensure your brand is memorable.

4 Ways To Build A Memorable Brand

In today’s world, everyone is just a few clicks away to start a business. Anyone can create their products, build an e-commerce website, publish ads and reach an audience online. This is making it very competitive for a company that is offering similar products, features, and solutions.

With it being so difficult for a business to thrive, you need a brand that your customers connect with. In today’s blog, I am going to show you how you can build your brand, so it becomes memorable.

Know what your customers care about

People are good at explaining “what” and “how” about their business. For example, What does your company do and How does your company do it? What some people might struggle with is “Why”.

A lot of the time, people are not worried or interested in how you do what you do. What people usually care about is why should your business matter in their life. You need to know why someone should use your product or service. Does it make their business run smoother?

Recognise the technical, functional and emotional benefits of your business

When you have found who your customers are you can start to think about the various benefits you have to offer to your customers. So what are the services?

The technical benefits are what you have to offer to your customers. This is what your products or services do to make your customers’ life more comfortable, does it make them more money, or does it make their process better?

After looking at the technical benefits of your brand, you should start looking at the functional benefits you can offer your customers. Functional benefits are what your customer gets when they purchase from you. Emotional benefits are basically what your brand makes a customer feel about your service or product.

Create a simple tag line

Having a simple tag line can help people remember and recognise your brand. Making it short and simple is the best way for people to remember it. Im lovin it and Just do it are two excellent examples of taglines that people will know instantly who they are.

This might not be easy to do and might take some time but will be worth it in the end.

Make sure that you live and breath your brand

To have a successful brand, you have to make sure that you use your brand throughout what you do. This could be social media posts, videos and even emails. Once you have strong brand guidelines, stick to them. Doing this continuously will have people recognising your brand more often.