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5 Reasons Why Drones Can Be Used In The Health And Safety Industry

If you run a potentially dangerous business, there’s a strong possibility your industry could be made safer by utilising a drone with a camera attached to it. This kind of drone – or unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) ¬– can provide you with a stream of video footage. Such material can then be monitored to give you assurance that your employees are working in a secure way. And you’ll know that they’re not likely to be injured.

Health and safety experts in many industries are beginning to realise the benefits of drone footage. They know that drones are roaming eyes in the sky, which can be more effective than CCTV cameras, for instance. And they advocate drones when it comes to observing large areas that simply can’t be assessed by human eyes alone. 

The construction and demolition industries, for example, are increasingly using drones to survey and monitor worksites. Both professions use high-quality cameras fitted to drones that film images of work – either live or recorded – as it happens.  

In this blog from Blue Whale Media, the Warrington web design agency, we’ll examine five reasons why drones are perfect for the health and safety industry. And how they can help numerous professionals stay safe in their working environment.

1 Reducing Accidents

Many surveyors in the construction industry are required to work at height. But a drone can offer you surveillance of a variety of tall structures. The drone we have at our Warrington web design agency, for instance, comes with sophisticated stabilising technology, that allows it to stay steady in all sorts of weather. And the ability to assess buildings in such a way clearly minimises the risk of an employee hurting him or herself.  

2 Supervision Of Staff

While the drones aren’t there to “check up” on employees, they can help with the supervision of staff. This kind of monitoring means that work is done efficiently and correctly, rather than in a chaotic, or potentially hazardous, way.

3 Assessment Of Compliance Issues

In many industries, such as construction, compliance with health and safety regulations is an essential aspect of the day-to-day work. But how do you know if your staff are following the rules, or simply ignoring them? Drone footage can help you ensure that compliance practices are being followed, and this naturally gives you – and your staff – peace of mind.  

4 Training

Drone footage can easily be used to help train employees. A student can learn a lot from a film, which can complement other training methods, such as lectures. Such a film in the construction industry, for instance, can show you how colleagues perform tasks on site. And this allows you to learn by example. 

5 Resolving Legal Disputes

Footage from a drone can also help resolve legal disputes, in the unfortunate event of an accident. It would be easy to study the film, so you could understand how or why an injury has occurred, for instance. And similar accidents could be avoided in the future.

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