5 Signs it’s Time to Upgrade Your Website

Your website plays a huge role in your sales. It may have been cutting-edge at the time it was built. But with technology evolving rapidly, your website may not be as current as it may seem to you. Of course, just because your website is two years old does not mean it’s outdated. Even the reverse is true. Just because you built the website two years ago doesn’t make it current either. Here are 5 signs to look for to consider whether it’s really time to search for a website design Cheshire agency.

It Does Not Render Well on Mobile Devices

Sure, your website might show up decently on all of the latest desktop browsers. But how well does it show up on small screens? Is the text easy to read? Are the forms usable at all? If your answer is no to any of these questions, it’s perhaps time to hire a website design Cheshire agency to upgrade your website.

The best way to upgrade is to build a responsive website. In fact, even the best practices for responsive design have changed over the past few years. If your website was built even two or three years ago, it’s best to check if it’s mobile friendly.

The Graphics are Outdated

It’s difficult to keep up with graphic design trends. They change like the seasons. In fact, if you tried keeping up with the trends, your site will need an upgrade every few months. If your website features a design that can stand the test of time and does what it needs to, you have a good website.

However, if your website features flash animation, splash pages, automatic music feature or anything else that may affect the user experience, it’s time to upgrade. Hire a professional website design agency in Cheshire for best results.

It Takes a Long Time to Load

A website that takes any more than 7 seconds to load will find it hard to keep visitors for long. In fact, 7 seconds is way too high as per current standards. Today’s users expect a website to load completely within 2 seconds. Anything more and your website might not stand a chance.

If your website is very slow to load, it’s not only annoying your visitors, it’s perhaps hurting your search rankings as well. It’s time for an upgrade.

It Does Not Have Links to Your Social Media Profiles

Social media is a great way to increase your visibility. If you are already on Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms to engage with your audience, you’re going in the right direction.

However, the world of digital marketing is all about integration. So if your website does not feature links to your social media profiles, it’s time to upgrade it.

Your Competitors’ Websites are Way Ahead

Find the URL of your top 5 competitors and look up their website. In fact, if your website does not rank up on the first page, all your competitors are outranking you. Study their website and the content. Were you impressed? Would you be convinced as a prospect? How does your website compare to theirs? If you find that your website is way behind the competition in one or more ways, it’s time to redesign your website. Contact Blue Whale Media today for a winning website for your business. 

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