5 Tips When Creating a Solicitor’s Website

As a website design Manchester agency, we receive a lot of enquiries from solicitors and law firms looking to build a website. Over the years, we have worked with businesses from diverse industries. We realise that each industry is different and what works for one industry may not necessarily work for another. Here are 5 tips to consider when building a solicitor’s website.


Blogging is a great way to bring in new clients to your law firm. But what should you write? Make sure you write for your target customers and not for the search engines, for yourself or for other solicitors.

Write posts that might answer some common questions your target customers might have. This will ensure that you reach out to those who are looking for services that you offer.

Be sure to blog on a regular basis. If you can’t find time to do that, ask your website design Manchester agency for help. At Blue Whale Media, we provide blog writing services for our clients giving them time to focus on their core business without letting their blog go cold.

Mobile Responsive Design

Your solicitor’s website should be mobile friendly.

You know your website is mobile responsive when it resizes to the size of the device it’s accessed on. If your website is not mobile responsive, you are alienating a good chunk of prospective customers.

With more and more people searching for your business on their mobile, you can’t ignore investing in a mobile responsive website. At Blue Whale Media, all websites we build are mobile responsive. Trust our website design Manchester team for a stunning, mobile friendly website.

Social Proof

New visitors to your website haven’t ever heard about you, and are looking for signs to decide whether they can trust you. This is the case no matter which solicitor’s website they’re on.

So be sure to provide social proof to make your website trustworthy and establish your credibility.

Add testimonials to build trust.

Consider adding a “Verdicts/Settlements” page, showcasing case studies of winning cases you’ve handled in the past. This will show your competence and skill and help alleviate any doubts your visitors may have in your expertise.

Contact Information

This is another good way to establish trust and credibility. Make it easy for your visitors to contact you. Place contact forms on each page of your solicitor’s website. Also, make sure your contact information is easily visible. Many solicitors unintentionally hide their contact information which has an adverse impact on conversions.

The Design

Avoid using a template for your solicitor’s website. You want to show your law firm in a professional manner and a template is unlikely to impress. If your website looks like it’s been made using a template, it will turn off your visitors.

Speak to a professional website design Manchester agency to build a customised solicitor’s website for your law firm.

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