7 Tips to Nail Logo Design

7 Tips to Nail Logo Design

A brand’s logo is its identity. How many brands can you immediately put a name to by merely looking at their logo? That’s what a good logo design can do for a brand. It is the basis on which customers form their first impression and make perceptions about a brand. A logo also (most often) impacts people’s buying decisions.

Creating a logo that is unique and distinguishable from the crowd is a journey that entails careful thought. While there are no set guidelines that guarantee the success of a logo design, there are tactics that prove to work for all brands.

Listed below are seven tried-and-tested tips to create a brand logo that sticks:

Be Unique, Be Witty

It is okay to be inspired by the brands you love. However, imitating them may not be the best way to go about things. Creating an entirely original logo is challenging because everything online is recreated in some form or another. Nonetheless, try and be as unique as possible. You can go to sites such as the Logo Thief to check for logo plagiarism.

Dive Into the Essence of the Brand

Capture the brand’s DNA by delving into questions like, what does the brand stand for? Is it trying to be quirky, or is it contemporary? Is utility the driving force behind the brand, or is it focused on eliciting a particular emotion? Who is its target customer? And what are the brand’s aspirations?

Explore Colours

Bright colours catch the eye, but they can be loud. Muted colours create sophisticated results, but they can seem somber. There is a science behind every colour. Understand and align them with the message you want your logo to convey.

It’s All in the Name

Brands such as Coca-Cola and Ray-Ban rely on logotype branding, and yet they are universally recognized. This is an area you can explore if your brand has a unique name. In such cases, steer clear of gimmicky fonts. Customize existing fonts if that’s what it takes to establish your brand’s image.

Keep It Simple

As much as you want our logo to stand out, you don’t want people to rack their brains, trying to make meaning of it. Keep it simple, then add a twist. Amazon nails this type of logo design with the simple use of their name, with an arrow running from A to Z to indicate its extensive inventory. A good logo should translate well across different backgrounds, apps, print, size, icons, and avatars.

Instant Success Isn’t Guaranteed

Yes, the design of a logo has a say in its success. But other factors such as the product(s) it is associated with and the market it is sold in play their role too. It’s okay to evolve your logo if the need arises, but don’t feel pressured to do so because of competitors or because it didn’t attain iconic status as soon as its launch.

Befriend the Internet

There are plenty of sites such as 99designs, LogoYes, and Logomaker that offer a platform for designers to explore their creativity. Take advantage of them.