A Simple Guide to Set You Up for Success Using Marketing Agency Warrington

Pinterest is one of those social media platforms that many businesses ignore. Most people use Pinterest to pin inspirational images for their next shopping spree. Now imagine if they like something and you can provide it instead of them having to go around stores looking for something similar. It is one of the most suitable platforms to use in increasing traffic to your website, especially for e-commerce businesses. Studies show that it is more effective than Facebook or even Instagram. The ads are visible to people looking for your products as well as those who are merely browsing.

Like other platforms, there are various types of ads that include: promoted pins, promoted video pins, promoted app pins, and promoted carousels.

Below is a guide to set up your first Pinterest ad;

Business Account

Like any other social media platform, Pinterest has both personal and business accounts. For ads, you need to set up the business one to access features to help you carry out campaigns. It also has analytics, amongst other features, to help your business angle. If you already have a personal one, you can easily switch it. Marketing Agency Warrington knows their way around Pinterest and can assist you in understanding it better.

Pinterest tag

It tracks the actions taken by people who visit your website. You need to install it before you choose your ad campaign. To understand better, visit the Marketing Agency Warrington.

Campaign goal

What do you intend to achieve with this campaign? You need to choose the right target because it determines the format the ad will take. Consult Marketing Agency Warrington to ensure you make the right choice. The various objectives include:

  • Getting traffic to your website whereby you pay per each click.
  • Building brand awareness through exposure, and it is charged per impressions.
  • Increase app installs where you can pay per install or per click.
  • Building awareness through video views for promoting awareness, and it is also payable per impressions.
Campaign Budget and schedule

Like other social media platforms, you decide on how much you want to spend on the ads. Here, you set your daily and total spend limit. Note that for carousel ad campaigns, you must enable the option. It only works if you select the brand awareness objective. Let Marketing Agency Warrington help you understand how to set the most suitable campaign budget to help you realize your objectives.

Target audience

Defining your audience ensures that the ad appears to the right people. You can decide to upload an existing email list or choose according to interests, gender, location, language, interaction, or device. A lot of thought must go into selecting your audience, and Marketing Agency Warrington is here to help.

Select promoted pins

In this final step, pick out the pin to appear in your ad group. You can also use an existing one. Pinterest has criteria for the promoted pins. Contact Marketing Agency Warrington to understand what is allowable and so much more.

The most important thing after creating the ads is analyzing the data to know what areas to improve on to get better results.

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