Is a Custom WordPress Website Worth the Investment

In plain and simple words, from the website design Manchester team, the answer to that question is an emphatic yes. It might not always be possible to budget for hiring a Manchester web design agency to craft custom WordPress website. However, if you can, then go for it. Better yet, Blue Whale Media’s Business in a Box web design packages make custom websites completely affordable.

Template Websites are not Unique

Templates are templates. They might get the job done, but they may not get the results you want.  Template websites are not unique, so your website will look like just another website. That’s a huge risk you are putting yourself through. In today’s competitive market, standing above the crowd is everything. And if your website is not custom designed, then it’s possible that you are settling for less. Sure, there are some stunning free themes available, but your website will lack functionality. If you are happy with simple, templates are good for you.

Template Layouts Can’t be Edited

There are many templates that allow you to customise the colour scheme and even the fonts. However, the customisation options stop there. If you want to customise the layout, that’s simply not possible, unless you hire a website design Manchester agency. You want a website that can tell your story your way. If you have to mould your story to the layout of your template, you are compromising the experience of your website. If your template will not let you make changes, you can’t test what works and what doesn’t. And when you can’t test, you won’t be able to optimise your website for better results and performance.

Final Conclusion From The Website Design Manchester Team

These two reasons make custom WordPress websites well worth it. Blue Whale Media can craft a custom website for your business at affordable prices. Get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements.

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