Advantage of Google Shopping Ads for your online store

With the vast technological advancements in the world today, both business owners and customers have embraced the internet for the performance of various functions. People generally search for products which they intend to purchase online at the comfort of their homes as opposed to the “old school” physical window shopping. This has led to changes in the marketing strategies of businesses, and furthermore, Ecommerce Warrington is confident that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of businesses can lead to significant notable benefits. The google shopping platform gives businesses a chance for their brand to be found when people are searching for related products. They show an excellent image of the product and relevant details which push these online shoppers towards purchase decisions which favour their stores as they keep on browsing the internet.

WooCommerce online stores can have automated Google Shopping Ads via the integration of a plugin compatible with WordPress powered websites. The application provides the business owner with the option of setting the product category interested to show etc. however Ecommerce Warrington confirms that changes done on your WooCommerce store will automatically synchronize and effect changes to your Google ads. These ads have various benefits for the online stores which include.

According to Ecommerce Warrington, Google ads have been proven to have excellent conversion rates. They strategically lead to increased online traffic on your store, which increases the number of potential customers and consequently an increase in business sales.

These ads provide the business with valuable leads which the organization can capitalize on to increase their sales. Individuals who do product searches on the internet most of the time have usually done some research about the product and are close to making that final purchasing decision. Engaging these interested people with good landing pages on your site and enticing images of the products coupled with reviews from your previous buyers will most likely convince them to buy the business’s products.

The ads as well have an attention-grabbing effect on internet user due to their unique feature as the only search result which shows a photo. Ecommerce Warrington believes that images can easily capture the attention of individuals online compared to written text and this visual advantage will most likely make them click on it for further information which may lead to them buying the product.

A single search can also lead to the display of multiple products from your store, proving that these ads have a broader reach compared to the traditional marketing methods. This function is beneficial in building awareness of your brand as well as the exposure of the business’s new product in the same category as a result of the search.

Google shopping ads are also much simpler to manage compared to text ads. Using texts ads necessitates the careful selection of keywords on the specific product which are up for advertisement. Google ads eliminate this tedious process and automatically matches the keywords with the product once you have provided the required product information. Ads also appear at the top of searches, which can be very appealing to customers who have already finished conducting their research and are ready to purchase.

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