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Social Media Marketing Alderley Edge.

Having a social media presence is vital for every business. Your social media channels are there to support your website and integrate with your SEO. Having professional social media accounts and feeds can expand your reach and help build a community around your company.

Social media channels’ most significant impact is how they influence how the world and your potential clients perceive your business. To be effective, you need to choose the correct social media platform for your business and target market. You then use the platform regularly to showcase your company and its work/products.

Platforms we work with.

Billion active
Facebook users
Billion active
Instagram users
Million active
Linkedin Users
Million active
Youtube users
Million active
Tik tok users
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Snapchat users
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Twitter users
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Vimeo users
Social Media Channels


Why are Social Media Channels important for a business?

Social platforms help you connect with your customers, increase awareness about your brand. They help obtain leads and boost your sales, which is crucial for any business. Social media channels are also a great reference point for potential clients as they provide real-time insight into the business.

With more than three billion people worldwide using social media platforms every month, the users and engagement on powerful platforms keep increasing, and so does brand awareness for companies that use the platform effectively.

A strong social media presence on channels like Facebook and LinkedIn will generate an extensive conversation about your brand and the services you offer as a business. Creating a conversation with your audience through your social channels is a great way to enhance how you look as a company and gain feedback from your audience.


The world’s most popular social media channel. This platform is now responsible for nearly half of the internet traffic, so it’s essential to ensure your Facebook presence is effective and appropriate.


This image sharing platform has gained a lot of readability in recent years for its powerful digital marketing capabilities. Sharing images is just the beginning of this platform’s features.


The platform that likes to keep it short and sweet. Exploit the benefits of a limited character count to deliver short and snappy bursts of information to keep your followers updated.


The social media account any reputable business or working professional needs. A well developed LinkedIn presence can improve sales, generate leads and be the gateway to business relationships.


What better way to inform the public of the services you provide than through a clear and engaging video? YouTube will help you get the word out there to relevant people who fit your target audience.


Similar to YouTube, this video sharing service allows you to keep the public informed regarding your organisation through regular uploading of video content of all descriptions.


Creating a Snapchat account and regularly using it to promote your business can connect you with users in your geographic area and help them recognise your brand. If you use Snapchat in unique ways, you can gain a following simply by being entertaining.

We are a team of experts.

Our team of Social Media Specialists are constantly looking for ways to improve their approach to working with these major platforms and regularly ensure that they have undertaken the latest platform training programs, like Facebook’s Blueprint program.

With this enthusiastic attitude towards work comes fresh and dynamic ideas tailored to provide effectiveness throughout social media campaigns.

We ensure we use our Social Media expertise work to benefit you and your business. Our solutions are flexible, scalable and completely affordable as we work to keep everything within a predetermined budget.

If you would like to request a meeting with our social media team, please do not hesitate to contact us, and we will offer you a free, non-partial plan based on your budget and requirements.

Our Client Process.

Once you have signed up with us, you will be allocated a dedicated account manager from within the marketing team who will be your primary liaison throughout your campaign. The first step will be to arrange a zoom meeting with one of our senior marketers Stephanie or Gary.

Liaise with client

We like to undertake a get to know you call where we can establish aims and expectations.

Market research

Using the information you have provided, we will review competitors and establish an “ideal scope”.

Set the plan

We will conduct proper market research, establish the plan for the first four weeks, and review the project with you.

Design concept

Once we have the plan in place, we will work on graphic concepts to set a tone and look for the posts.


The posts for the first four weeks will be put in place and sent to you via our scheduling software to approve/review.


Upon week three, we will analyse the results of the plan and submit them to you for review with our recommendations for month two.


Using the information established by the analytic results, we will tailor a new marketing strategy every four weeks.

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