Benefits of social media for Your Business

Social media has so many benefits when it comes to marketing your business and getting it out there to the world. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have over 26.9 billion users, meaning your brand has so much potential if you choose to market it online!

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Closer Client Relationships

Social media helps businesses be more interactive with their customers and build closer relationships with them. Building closer relationships with your customers helps you to understand their needs and wants for the product/services they are paying for and it ensures you can work closely together so nobody is miscommunicating.


It also helps you keep track of how your social ads are doing and the statistics of people viewing your posts. This means you know what sort of content gets viewed the most, so you know what is going to attract the customer whereas with paper marketing such as newspapers and magazines, it is very hard to track your results and get feedback as you can’t communicate with anyone properly through paper marketing. Using analytics, you can also track your competitors’ websites to see how well you are doing compared to them.

Customer Service

By responding to clients and customers feedback, questions or queries on social media platforms, it lets them know that they are important when it comes to their comments. This means they can comfortably interact with your company without the risk of rudeness or even being ignored. Providing brilliant customer service to your clients means responding to them quickly and treating them with respect. Without respect there is no way you can work with the client close enough to listen to their enquiries.

Networking and Partnerships

When using social platforms, it is easier to stay connected with potential clients and partners. A good platform for this is LinkedIn. This is specifically a business site where companies and entrepreneurs can post things about work or their experience. You can also advertise jobs and connect with new people there, which helps grow your brand awareness. By using hashtags and tagging people in your LinkedIn posts, you will find yourself with more views and more consumers looking at your website.