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Blue Whale Media Promotes Video Marketing for SEO

When Google introduced Universal Search in May 2007, we see blended search results such as blogs, PDF, video, text, and images. And while website owners have initially ignored the full value of videos, this media form has finally become an important feature in websites. That is if you are concerned about your conversion rates, brand recognition, and SEO.

Blue Whale Media, and SEO Company Warrington, is determined to power up your website’s visibility and increase your web traffic. We do this through SEO. And our experts believe that video marketing is necessary to maximize your digital marketing strategy.

Impact of Video Marketing in SEO

In the first quarter of 2018, SEO and web design experts held a meeting about the integration of video marketing in your SEO strategy. They’ve taken into account Google’s algorithm. According to the 2009 Forrester study, web pages with videos are 53x more likely to get a higher rank in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

Upon investigation, it has been found that Google’s recent search algorithm update, the Hummingbird, prioritizes the quality of the content over keyword optimization. Thus, videos have gained an upper hand over text content.

Moreover, choosing video marketing for your brand gives you the following benefits:

  • Cut costs: The video you’ve created can be shared in different platforms including your website and social media accounts. You can share a lot of information with the use of videos. It’s also the best medium to explain the most complex topics.
  • Increase engagement: People have such little attention span that you can expect them to read a whole article in one sitting. However, videos are more capable of engaging their attention and sparking their interest compared to texts.
  • Provide facetime: With videos, you are able to talk to your customers directly, face-to-screen. While you don’t see them, they can see you. This can help increase their trust to your brand.

Blue Whale Media’s Approach on Video Marketing

As one of the top SEO Company Warrington, Blue Whale Media knows that they need to maximize the use of video marketing to help client websites. What websites need are not simple viral videos but rich explainer videos that will answer the questions of the audience.

The shift from text content to video content has started in 2013, and it’s still in full swing. If you want assistance with your video marketing, you can contact Blue Whale Media anytime.

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