Blue Whale Media’s Grand Mini Golf Tournament!

Blue Whale Media’s Grand Mini Golf Tournament!


The team at Blue Whale Media had their most recent team-building event over at Dino Falls Mini Golf Course in Manchester. I use the phrase “team-building” very lightly… It was more of a “team competition” with a mixture of laughter and a few “I swear that was nearly a hole in one”

In team one, we had: Ant, Lewis, Naomi and Lauren.

In team two, we had: Alex, Danielle, Jess and Kabir.

Finally, in team three, we had: Lucy, Ben and Jamie.

Each team did a fantastic job of putting their best efforts forwards. It was 18 rounds of concentration and enthusiasm, and it’s safe to say some of us will most definitely be keeping our day jobs. Overall it was a very fun and exciting event for the Blue Whale Media team. But not to mention the top three scorers for the evening were Lucy with a score of 42, Danielle with a score of 45 and Alex, who scored 47.
A special shout out to Jamie’s hole-in-one where he hit the golf ball into the stream of water and it carried the ball all the way through to the cup. We’re still not sure if it was skill or just pure luck. Either way, it was very impressive.
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