Branding is more than just a logo

A strong brand is more than just a good logo and pretty graphics. Your brand has to sum up your whole business and give a certain impression to your target audience. There are many different pieces of a brand that create its core identity which we will discuss in this blog. Your brand is the experience of every touch the customer goes through and this is why it is so important to get it right. Whether it’s digital or print, your branding is associated everywhere across your business.


Obviously we mentioned that branding isn’t just the logo but as the logo is the first visual a customer sees it is important that you make a good first impression. A logo can go a long way in making sure a potential customer explores more within your business. A corporate company wants to give a professional look and this therefore requires a professional clean logo with not too much going on.


It is crucial that your branding is consistent throughout all your marketing material including your website, social and general graphics. They all have to be linked to one another as it could cause confusion if not. This is more than just the design side though as your content also has to be consistent. The words, phrases and tone of the text all have to be the same throughout. Without consistency, your branding will not work as well and it will come across as unprofessional and weak.

Website Landing page

Similar to the logo, a landing page might be the first point of a contact with a customer so you need to make sure it’s right in all aspects. Within a website you will include your logos, colour, content and graphics which includes a lot of aspects of your overall brand. Your landing page is where your branding really needs to stand out and wow your customers.

Ethical Branding

Sometimes branding doesn’t even fall under the visual aspects of the business. It can involve the personality of the business and what it stands for. Fairtrade is a great example of this where some companies think it is right that everyone gets a fair share of the profits. Ethical branding shows people that the company isn’t just focusing on the customers but also the social and environmental aspects of the business and its trading. This in turn gives off a good impression of the company which links to their branding.  

A Sum up

If someone refers to a brand as just being the logo then they need to be told that a brand is the whole experience of a business. It is based on the impression you leave behind and what the customer got out of using your service/product. A brand nowadays is a very important part of the business and can be the big difference to why a company succeeds and fails. If you nail the branding aspect of your business then you are almost already there to creating a success.