Building an SEO Optimised Web Page

Your website is only as good as the visibility it gets on search engines. The visibility is again only as good as the extent of SEO-friendliness of your web pages. A good SEO marketing company makes page optimisation an integral part of its web design process. This approach prevents the need for adding SEO elements at a later stage, which can lead to confusion and costly errors such as loss of traffic. What are some key on-page elements that a professional SEO marketing Warrington agency includes in a web page to improve its ranking ability?

Shorter URL Structures

The number of words that you use after the “/” in your web address is important (e.g. Keep the page address as short as possible. Search engines focus only on the first 3 to 5 words in the URL extension. So, having a longer name doesn’t serve any useful purpose and can irritate your visitors.
An experienced SEO Marketing Warrington company avoids stuffing the URL extension with keywords as search engines lose interest in such URLs in the long run. Include few keywords within the word limit suggested above, if possible.

SEO-Optimised Title Tags

Title tags tell search engines if your page contains content that could be of use to audiences, depending on their search term. Your title tags are what audiences look at to decide whether to visit your website or not.
To be noticeable by search engines, a Warrington web design agency keeps title tags below 55 characters, and uses your main keyword in the tags.

Optimised Image Names and Tags

Use of keywords in image filenames and “alt” tags is a great way to attract search engines as they look for content within these image parameters. This naming is one of the best strategies used by a Warrington SEO marketing agency to improve your page visibility during web and image search.

Optimised Content – Final Word From The SEO Marketing Warrington Team

Search engines look for content useful for audiences. A web development team focusing on good SEO uses this tendency of search engines to the optimal benefit of your website. It includes not only useful text, but also relevant videos and images, to deliver a good content experience for visitors.
Optimising a web page for SEO is a continuous process. It is therefore important to hire a web development Warrington agency that focuses on your website’s long-term interests, and not immediate short-lived gains.
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