Christmas Decorating at Blue Whale Media

If you have ever been to the Blue Whale Media office, you know we don’t do things small! Every holiday of the year we always celebrate with events, competitions and decorations. This year for Christmas we decided to up our game as it has been a great year for the company and we have welcomed a number of new staffs to the team. You should also know that Blue Whale Media is very much invested into Christmas which is why our decorations are now up!

Christmas Tree

Let’s start with something everyone is familiar with…a Christmas tree. We decided to go above and beyond with our Christmas tree this year and also keep in line with our Blue Whale Media branding. We started by building our Christmas tree then added some sparkling lights, coloured beads and finally decorated it fully with some blue, purple, green and white baubles. The tree looks amazing with all the decorations matching our branding colours. You will see the tree in some pictures from the members of staff!

Christmas Office Pictures

We have also introduced Christmas office posters for Christmas too. Our posters around the office are usually filled with examples of work, motivational quotes and our branding but for this festive season, we decided to add a sparkle to them. We have a variety of posters including quotes from Christmas films, our logo with a Santa hat on, our upcoming Christmas events and some Christmas work we created for our clients. This adds to the festive spirit and shows our clients that come into the office, how talented our graphic design team are!

A Wall Full of Baubles

Now, this is something very different for Blue Whale Media and has never been done in the office before. So, we decided to hang baubles to the ceiling of the office with different lengths of string to make our decorations go above and beyond. This took a lot of time and team effort with the help our Matthew & Lewis (being the tallest members of the team) putting the baubles up. The finished product looks amazing and really sets the office apart from the rest.

Christmas Characters

If you’ve seen our website, then no doubt you will have had a nosy at our Meet the Team page. It has all our great members of staff including our 3 office dogs. For Christmas, we decided to create Christmas characters for each person on the page. We have Mr and Mrs Clause, angels, nutcrackers, turkeys, elves, snowflakes, Christmas puddings, stars, penguins, gingerbread men, snowmen, Christmas trees, baubles, candy canes and even the Grinch! Everyone in the office loved seeing themselves being transformed into Christmas characters and they do look amazing!

How You Can Get Involved

Now you have heard everything that’s happening in our office, it’s time to join in! Even though we can’t have everyone turning up to see our amazing decorations, you can always keep an eye out on our social media for pictures from the staff. In addition to this, we also have competitions running every day in December so make sure to follow us on all social media platforms to be in with a chance of winning some amazing prizes.

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