How a Clean Design Can Help a Medical Industry Website

In the medical industry, projecting a professional image is essential. If you are expecting members of the public to put their health in your hands, you need to be able to reassure them that they will be taken care of and provided with a high standard of care.

Business is becoming more and more online orientated, organisations from every industry and sector are funnelling more and more money into their online and digital marketing strategies rather than outdated print based practices.

The staple of this form of marketing is a well built, responsive and clean designed website that perfectly displays a businesses’ service and unique selling points. This is no different for the medical industry and those wishing to attain patients online, need to invest in web design.

A Web Design Agency in Warrington that Can Help

Blue Whale Media is a web design agency based in Warrington that has been helping members of the medical industry market their services online through bespoke, professional websites that offer plenty of useful functions for patients and prospective users of medical services.

We would like to share with you five very different websites that we have created for five of our clients within the medical community.

My Knee Doc

My Knee Doc is a specialist knee consultancy based in Cheshire that offers both surgical and non surgical interventions for various ailments relating to knee injuries.

The consultancy contacted Blue Whale Media in need of a website that is rich with information relating to the various surgeries and treatments they offer such as arthroscopy and knee realignment surgery.

The website features individual pages relating to each of the various treatments as well as other useful pages such as a ‘patient information’ and ‘Latest News’ page.

The website is a great resource for those wanting to keep up to date with the surgeries and treatments My Knee Doc is currently offering. The website’s latest news section is a weekly blog written by the content writing team at Blue Whale Media, the blog posts are informative, relevant and optimised for SEO purposes.

Cheshire Therapy Centre

The Cheshire Therapy Centre offer counselling services as well as courses in counselling to the people of Cheshire. They wanted a website that projects their professional but friendly approach to therapy and counselling as well as being loaded with useful information for visitors regarding their services.

The graphic design department worked in close conjunction with the web designers at Blue Whale Media to create a website with an approachable aesthetic that contains plenty of relevant, service related content.

Content relating to various courses, certifications and services are linked through the website’s home page for easy navigation.  

Cheshire Counselling Services

Cheshire Counselling Services approached Blue Whale Media in need of a website to display the great work they do within the community through their counselling services.

The website needed to strike the appropriate balance between professional and friendly and so the graphic design and web design teams at Blue Whale set out creating a disarming but clinical design for the website’s home page and various other pages.

The website’s pages are dedicated to the services and treatments offered by Cheshire Counselling Services and also include useful features such as an easy contact form to improve the clinic’s communications with its patients.

Victoria Family Chiropractic

Victoria Family Chiropractic contacted Blue Whale Media needing a website to help existing patients and prospective patients learn about the many services and treatments that they offer as a chiropractor.

The website needed to be visually engaging to create conversions with effective design, imagery and copy implemented.

The website is social media integrated so users of the service can keep up with the practice seamlessly through their various social media platforms which have also been created by Blue Whale Media.

Rotary Instruments Ltd

Rotary Instruments came to Blue Whale Media in need of a fully functioning online store to sell their various precision pieces of dental equipment. The website needed to have all of the expected functions of an Ecommerce store and so the team of web developers at Blue Whale Media set out designing the functions of the web store.

Rotary Instrument’s website allows users to browse and buy products through the use of several hard developed features such as an online shopping cart, payment gateway and stock management system.

The website looks as great as it functions with a well designed, professional aesthetic and minimalist colour scheme that helps display the cutting edge equipment they supply.

How Can a Clean Design Help a Medical Industry Website?

To answer the original question, a clean design involves a responsive, great looking and effective website that informs, improves conversions and allows businesses to connect with customers.

If these attributes are evident within a website such as they are in these five builds, the

ability to attract and connect with patients increases tenfold.

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