Create short and engaging videos for social media

Create engaging short videos for social media

What are short videos, or ‘engaging short videos’? Well, they are short promotional video that ends within few seconds to ten minutes. It helps in sharing our objectives and ideas with the viewers within a short time. People usually use short videos for online businesses to promote their products and services.


Analyzing and studying the various promotional videos that are on different social media platforms is very important. We should try to learn what others are doing with their videos to gain more viewers. We should follow what is trending.

Capture attention early

We must try to keep the first few seconds of the video interesting and engaging. The first few seconds of the video should be able to capture the attention of the viewers.

Keeping the message simple

As far as possible, we must try to keep our message brief and straightforward. Pouring out everything into one short video won’t bring any benefits for us. Connecting the viewers with our motives should be our main concern.

Design for sound off 

We should use tools like captions, texts and subtitles to tell our story visually. These types of videos are useful for those viewers who watch from places where sound is not favoured.  

Recording the videos 

Now comes the most exciting part, which is recording the videos. There are different ways and requirements for recording a video. They are as follows:

Use smartphone

It is always good for starters to start with a smartphone that is way cheaper and convenient than a professional camera. Today many smartphones  come with a good camera at reasonable prices.  

Use tripod and microphone

We need to use a tripod while recording a video as it helps in stabilising our video. A tripod holds the camera and smartphone in one position and stops the device from shaking. We can buy a tripod online that are available at affordable prices. Again, using a proper microphone for recording the sound and voice for the video is indeed a smart move. It will make our video more audible and a lot better.

Find good lighting and background

To make our video look more presentable, we need to have proper lighting and background. Good lighting enhances the visibility for the viewers, while appropriate background enhances the video visually. 

Edit the raw videos

After recording, editing the raw files is another way to enhance our videos. We can use our creativity and ideas to make our videos look more exciting and fun to watch. Animoto, Quick, Legend, etc., are some editing tools that we can use while editing our videos.

Sharing the videos

The last and final step is sharing the videos. We can share our videos directly on Facebook, Youtube and Instagram or share using Buffer’s Tailored Posts. Buffer’s Tailored Posts is another way to share the videos. It helps in posting the videos to different social media platforms from a single place.