Creating an Explainer Video

In this blog, I will attempt to help any budding motion graphic designers as they attempt to put together their first Explainer Video for a client. This blog will be in chronological order, to help you properly realise the thought process that goes into organising an explainer video.

Introduce the Company

It is vitally important to introduce the company you are creating the video for right away. This is made easier for us designers by the combination of visual and audio representation. By using the combination of these it makes describing complex concepts much easier to explain and more importantly, easier to understand.

Motion Graphics explainer videos are the first thought on people’s minds as they are usually a lot more affordable than live action ones due to the cost of the videographer as well as the editing time etc.

Explain What the Company Does

While one overview of the video on a Facebook page is a great way of introducing people to the company and what they do, there is often more information needed to win over an audience over. Follow the introduction up with a section that details the companies features and services they offer. This is a great way to provide more information to your audience and ultimately make their decision to buy the product.

Provide Testimonials

If this is possible, try and provide some customer testimonials to back up the company’s reputation. This is useful as it is so much more effective than hearing to the company toot its own horn. Believe me, video testimonials are far more effective than just a graphic stating that somebody said something nice about you. This is basically due to how much more effective videos are compared to graphics in general, this is for SEO purposes as a business that successfully displays video testimonials are 50 times more likely to appear on the top search results for its service.

Share the Companies Progression

At Blue Whale Media, we specialise in helping smaller businesses and this is a particularly relevant technique for smaller businesses even more so than bigger corporations. People are very often interested in how the smaller businesses grow and where they were founded. A company called Founders Brewing Company made a video that is a great example of this, especially because they really found the perfect balance between telling their story, sharing where they came from and making it relevant to their customers and employees. If you’d like to see an example of this, watch the Founders Brewing Company video.


This and the introduction are the most important parts of the video as they are the first thing that you see to grab your attention and the ending is the thing that you are left with after the video has finished. This can be as simple as having their logo and URL attached in a memorable way so the audience doesn’t forget the companies name after they have finished watching.

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