How to Design Your Website for the Microsoft Surface Studio

Microsoft released its Surface Studio desktop PC this October. And the web design Warrington team are excited to start using it. Aimed primarily at creative professionals, Surface Studio packs in some impressive features, including superior picture clarity and high-end graphics performance. If you are a business owner, you can use these features to deliver a highly customised website experience to your Surface Studio-using target audience. A professional web design Warrington service can help create a competitive edge online through a well-designed website.

Raise Audience Interest with Colour and Clarity

Microsoft Surface Studio features a large 28-inch display with touchscreen capabilities. The PC displays on-screen images to 13.5 million pixel clarity, which is 63% higher than a 4K television display. The colour range that can be displayed is immensely wider. This translates into a superior viewing experience for audiences. In the business context, you could use these features to give your website an aesthetic appearance and impressive content. A well-thought-of web design includes images, impressive colour backgrounds, clear fonts, and aptly-coloured calls-to-action, to attract audience attention. With Surface Studio features, these design elements gain more prominence, increasing the chances of a better website experience for audiences. If your website, for example, showcases your interior design business, the colour and clarity features of Surface Studio help present your work in its true form, increasing the chances of better visitor stay time, engagement, and conversions.

Increase Audience Engagement

Surface Studio features powerful graphics features including quad-core Intel i7 processor, 2TB storage, and 2.1 Dolby audio stereo speakers. Add high-quality videos and podcasts related to your products, services or company, to your website to make the best use of these features. With content that entertains or educates, you have greater chances of increasing audience engagement.

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