Why email marketing is so important for businesses

Why email marketing is so important for businesses

Let us say that I have a business in a brick and mortar shop and I want to release a new product or maybe a special discount. I want to reach out to many people, but I do not have the means to do so by being confined in a single place. What do I do? 

The answer is simple. I do not want to spend all my income on media or print advertisements, not knowing about my profit margins at the end of the day. I will look for the most inexpensive method to communicate with my customers professionally. Yes, you got it. I will choose an email marketing campaign.

Some points of why email marketing is so crucial to businesses are mentioned below.

Everyone has an email address:

Whether for business or personal communications, networking or building your contacts, email serves all the purposes. As a business, you can contact anyone at any time, effectively and professionally, with a well-tailored email. 

User friendly:

Many businesses are not comfortable with using the algorithm of social media. The most user-friendly mode of advertising is email. Why? Because everyone knows how to create an email. No training or expertise is required for a person to send an email.

Call to action (CTA):

If a business introduces a new product, has a sale, or maybe wants to up-sell existing products, a call to action button will encourage the customer to react. 

To simplify things, an email CTA would appear as a link or a button that a customer clicks to take a simplified action. Examples of some CTA’s that businesses might use in marketing are:

  • Signing up – The customers might be invited to sign up for a course, future event, or a product. It all depends on the CTA’s context.
  • Free trial – Most businesses offer free trials. The CTA’s are designed for the same variety. They offer customers to demo an offer before buying it.
  • Learn more – This CTA is used to give your customers a little more information before buying something.


Many email marketing services give you access to evaluate emails based on their 

  • Open rates
  • Click rates
  • Delivery reports
  • Regions etc

All the collated information will make it easier for a business to justify its marketing activities. Companies will also have access to prized and actionable data.

Data belongs to you:

If you have an email list of 100,000 customers, you will have a direct line of communication with them. You can always keep them informed with the latest updates in regards to your business. The 100,000 customers that you have gained belongs to you and not to any other entity. 

So, the bottom line is that a business should be communicating with its customers and prospects consistently. Email marketing can meet those expectations and more by creating a mutually beneficial relationship between each other. 

Remember, email marketing method is one of the most affordable and effective ways to generate new customers and target new markets.