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Esenda’s Global Video Launch

Ten years ago it was essential to have a website, it’s now the same for video. 

The use of a corporate video is a fabulous tool for small to medium sized businesses who need to reach huge potential.

Visual content plays a massive role in communicating, especially when you have lots of information to share about your business. Corporate videos are designed to be exciting ways to deliver long-winded information that your audience can lose interest in.

At Blue Whale Media, we have been working on a corporate video for Esenda, for their global video launch.

What we created

The production team at Blue Whale Media produced the platform overview promotional video as well as a How-To and Walkthrough video for the Esenda Payment platform. The team at Esenda is delighted with the outcome of the project and hopes to build on the relationship in the future.

The videos have been produced for the company’s global launch, a key part of their initial push into the market while helping with promoting the platform’s unique selling points to new clients. The process involved animation of the payment platform, which was first recreated in illustrator before moving it into After Effects to animate numerous individual assets. The How-To video incorporated a professional Voice Over and Music Track, all fully sourced and managed by our video production team at Blue Whale Media. 

Blue Whale Media Videography 

Our video production team at Blue Whale Media understand that motion can always add that missing sparkle to a brand or website. Compared to simply describing your service or product, one of our professionally produced videos will showcase your brand for the world to see. Our video production team craft company specific videos to support your individual business goals.

We pride ourselves on providing creative out of the box solutions, especially when it comes to showcasing your business or brand. In the last five years videos and video production have surged in popularity. Many brands across the globe are now utilising the power of video to showcase their identity just like Esenda.

Reasons you need a corporate video

  • Video is easy to share. Video sharing websites and apps such as, Vimeo, Youtube, Instagram and Tik Tok make it easy to share videos via links or embed codes. This makes it much more likely that people will share your corporate video. 
  • We all consume content differently. Every person on the planet consumes content in completely separate ways. Your goal is to reach as many people as possible, so by using videos you’ll increase the range of opportunities for people to connect with your brand. 
  • Multiple uses for your corporate video. With the right strategy in place your video could have multiple uses such as online on your website, TV adverts, company presentations, social media and much more. 
  • Build brand awareness. No matter the reason you are distributing a corporate video, your company’s brand must be embedded in the message. Anyone viewing it will recognise that it is your brand and see why you are unique within your industry. 

A well-done corporate video has the ability to really turn things around for your company by increasing engagement in your brand. Businesses are always looking for ways in which they can gain a competitive advantage in their industry.

Why not contact Blue Whale Media today and see how we can help with corporate or business videography?