Facebook Hacks for Maximum Sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Facebook Hacks for Maximum Sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

The Cyber week of November is coming up and every year, shoppers gear up to grab the best deals from the biggest and smallest brands. As an online retailer, your job is to reach out to them with the best offers. But when it comes to sales and conversions, your offers and discounts are not the only factors.

Your marketing campaigns also have a significant role to play and Facebook is one of the best platforms to garner attention through your advertisement campaigns. Our marketing team at Blue Whale Media has put together our Facebook hacks to boost Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.

Why are Facebook Ads vital?

In the modern world, social media platforms like Facebook play massive a role in product promotion. There are billions of Facebook users, out of which 30-35% are potential customers. And with the growth of ideas and realisation in people, the numbers are rising.

Therefore, if you can create engaging product advertisements, there is a 7/10 chance of success. Plus, people are looking for the best deals on every nook and corner of the internet. Who knows, they might stumble upon your Facebook ad. And if the stars align, you’re making money. Thanks to that clever ad you posted.

Tips to improve your sales via Facebook advertising

  1. Avoid the last-minute rush –Most retailers wait till the last minute to update their pages. But you shouldn’t be one of them. Waiting for the previous day before the sale will only do more harm than good. If you start working beforehand, you can bring in both old and new subscribers.

You can start posting ads, changing your profile photo and description, etc., in advance to target your audience.

  1. Sound catchy –To grab people’s attention, you should sound catchy with your ads. For instance, you can use phrases like, “Geared up for Black Friday and Cyber Monday?” or “Exclusive prices for BFCM. Start saving now,” etc. This way, you can keep the people excited for upcoming deals and offers.
  2. Include relevant hashtags –Every customer deserves a smooth experience while shopping. And your Facebook ads can be a game-changer if you add subtle details like hashtags to your ads. Yes, you know what we’re referring to. Hashtags like #giftideasforhim, #giftsforson/daughter, etc., can go a long way to improve the user experience.
  3. Keep up with the urgency – Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales come once a year. Thus, there is always a rush among shoppers to grab exclusive deals. In such situations, you can include tags like “Offer ends in 2 hours” or “Hurry! Limited stock.” This will prompt people to consider your offers.
  4. Learn to retarget –We’re all aware of the short attention span of shoppers. If they are not interested in a deal, they search elsewhere. Therefore, we can study and analyse their choices and create ads specific to them. This will help prevent the loss of potential customers. You can also include consumer reviews and proof in your ads to convince new leads.

Learning to use everything at your disposal to grow your enterprise is something that every business owner should do. Plus, social media platforms like Facebook are among many places where your campaigns will benefit you greatly.