How future technology will change web design

From HTML websites to CMS, although still in its youth, web design is a fast-developing industry that never ceases to improve and find new ways to create breathtaking websites

Not only this but there are always new ways to help designers create. With great platforms like Shopify, that allows you to create an eCommerce website with pre-installed themes, whilst giving designers a custom CSS panel allowing full customization of the sites.

The future of web design with new devices

2019 has already brought many big announcements in terms of new device technologies. A good example of this is the foldable phone. Although they are already in the market with a few bumps, web design that will be responsive with this foldable feature is still a thing of the future, but I would say that the future for foldable device web design looks bright.

Another example that is already in the market is VR websites. This is where a viewer who owns a VR headset and explore the website within a virtual space. Although this technology is still new to the scene, as VR device prices get lower and lower, I think that VR within web design will become a prominent feature in the future.

Software developments within web design

As we all know, the main portion of web design is in the software. Now we have seen through platforms like Wordpress and other CMS systems that standard web design is becoming easier and easier, but what new innovations have been created to add something new?

Voice recognition has been around for longer than most of the younger generation can remember, from Siri to the amazon echo, voice software’s are becoming a trend in today’s society. How is web design utilizing this you ask? The main use for this is the speech to text function. Many e-commerce sites use this to search products, another potential use is to use voice recognition to use your voice to log in to your account. As this is new it has not yet been introduced to any websites, but I can see it happening in the near future.

AI in web design has been around for longer than you think. Cleverbot was an artificial intelligence that was put online in 1997 with the sole purpose of holding a unique conversation with users, this software is always learning with a growing conversation data rate of 4 to 7 million interactions per second. You may be wondering what new ways this technology has been implemented within web design and it’s not used in the ways you think it would.

AI has played a huge role in back-end SEO and marketing. Back-end AI software’s help improve the SEO and help with marketing through market trend analysis and other data collection at a speed that a person cannot replicate

The Future of Web Design

All in all, technology development is not slowing, and web design is not excluded from this. 2019 has welcomed many innovations already and has many to come to pay attention and don’t get left behind, whilst web development technologies become more innovative and more affordable than ever before.

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