Google Ads: What To Look Out For In 2019

We have already seen plenty of updates and changes to the Google Ads platform over 2018 including rebranding and a new user interface. Google Ads was previously branded as Google AdWords with a different logo and different user interface, with the newer one being faster and easier to use and has additional features to help reach your marketing goals. In this blog we’ll cover what to expect from Google Ads in 2019 and how changes already made will further impact advertising on the platform as the year continues.

Changes To Video Advertising

Marketers running video advertising on YouTube will benefit from non-skippable adverts lasting 15 seconds. Previously, users would have to use the YouTube reservation to use this feature of video marketing however Google will allow marketers to have access to this feature while running standard auction Video 360 and Display campaigns.

Pay For Conversions

A new type of bidding option available inGoogle Ads is the option to pay for conversions as opposed to impressions or clicks. Currently, this option is only available for Display campaigns and means no matter how many clicks your campaign receives, if users fail to convert then you won’t have to pay a penny! Plus, you won’t spend more than your Target CPA bid at any given time.

Responsive Search Ads

Responsive Search Ads are a type of text advert for search campaigns. These adverts have increased visibility over other text ads as they allow for more descriptions and headlines to be used at once. Responsive Search Ads are made up of 15 headlines and 4 descriptions, with the best performing and most relevant elements chosen to create the advert when a user makes their search.

Mobile Search

According to research, mobile devices accounted for over 51% of total search engine searches in 2018. In 2019, we can only expect this share of users to grow even more. This reflects a huge shift for marketers, depending on their business niche and target audience. This means there is a larger importance of catering for mobile users, including having a fully responsive website and ensuring your advert ranks at the top of the page for mobile devices.

However, 2018 has shown that conversions remain lower on mobile than desktop as users still feel more comfortable making transactions and purchases on their desktop devices. Despite this, mobile conversions are on the rise and we can expect them to continue to rise throughout 2019 and beyond as mobiles become the standard go-to device over desktops.


According to Google themselves, there are now over 4 million businesses and users advertising on Google Ads, and this is only set to increase. As more and more businesses flock to Google Ads, naturally you will be competing with more users and this competition will only result in clicks and bids becoming more expensive as businesses desperately try to outrank each other. Recent research from WordStream shows that the prices paid for clicks have already increased, with keywords costing £10 or more becoming more and more common.

To ensure your ad ranks as high as possible without having to pay ridiculous prices for each click, you should focus on your advert quality score. Ensure your adverts and landing pages are highly relevant to the keywords you are bidding for, properly format your adverts with extensions and ensure you are using targetting and bid adjustments to get the most out of your campaigns and reach the users who matter most to your business.

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