What we've been up to this month: graphic design

What We’ve Been Up To This Month: New Graphic Designs.

Graphic design’s importance is often underestimated, but good designs can bring many significant business benefits. Graphic design is a large part of what we do at Blue Whale Media; our team is continually looking for ways to enhance digital media and websites with graphic design.

Graphic design is an essential tool because it enhances how you communicate with other people. These days graphic design has a big role to play in the competitive business world; here’s what our team have been up to this month in terms of graphic design:

PDF Design for clients

With a PDF design of a website, brochure, logo, etc. you can see how it looks prior to being created, built, or published. Our graphic design team at Blue Whale Media creates graphic design PDF’s for many purposes, the main being the perfection process. We want our clients to be able to make amendments easily before the project gets underway. Graphic design delivers your brand message to your target audience in an aesthetic and beautiful way.

Benefits of a PDF Website Design

Designing a website prior to the build or brochure before printing allows for easy amendments to be done. It is efficient and saves time and money; there’s the ability for clients to check and rethink before finalising anything. In terms of website design, it means that we can check that the design is achievable before the website is built and nothing on the website could be lost during amendments. Graphic designing the website offers visual consistency through all your marketing efforts, which builds your credibility and brand recognition.

New Logo Designs

Your company’s brand and identity are crucial to the success of your business. Having a logo will mean your business will be seen as an established company.

A great logo will represent your company and convey important messages; however, it needs to be up to date and in line with current trends. When we create new logo designs at Blue Whale Media, we ensure that it emphasises the client’s core values and strengthens the brand.

Benefits of Bespoke Logo Designs

You can’t afford for your customers to forget about you; therefore a new, bespoke, customised logo can help to make your business memorable. When a customer sees the logo, your brand name will come to mind; that’s marketing wide, whether on a product, website, email, etc.

Having a bespoke logo will give your company a face and help it stand out from the mass of competitors. It’s also exceptionally professional because it can influence the way customers or clients may treat you.

Graphic design is important to businesses for so many reasons and purposes. At Blue Whale Media, our graphic design team has been up to a lot this month in terms of graphic designs, logos and PDF designs. We want our clients to have great first impressions with their customers which is why graphic design is of crucial importance when drawing attention to their business.