How important is blogging for SEO?

How Important Is Blogging For SEO?

The importance of SEO lies in the sole reason that it helps elevate SEO results. SEO or Search Engine Optimisation consists of a list of important activities, which results in optimising your content for improving your free or organic traffic. Your webpage will show up on top of the search results when it’s optimised. Plus, blogging helps in establishing your thought leadership, increasing credibility, and building trust. Let us look at some of the key pointers for requiring SEO optimisation on your blogs:

Post Fresh Content

Search engines will always favour sites that are frequently updated. Why? Well, because it shows how the sites deal with fresh content and not outdated stuff. The search engine isn’t interested in listing down irrelevant web pages to the users. You also get to rarely change the history, product, price, and about us pages. So, it makes sense for you to start a blog since you will be able to repeatedly produce new posts. Here, when you post more new content, the search engines will have more pages to index.

Boost Popularity

Popularity is another major factor when it comes to the SEO universe. The search engine will rank you higher on the results page if they come to see that your blogging entries are constantly shared and clicked on. You can come out on top of this popularity contest by being committed to strictly publishing top-notch content, which your readers will be interested in reading. It is imperative for you to actively share your blog and also ensure that others are doing the same for you. Once you become popular, the search engine will prioritise your page and content because they know users want to see your content.

Use Pictures

Do you wish to make your blog entries more engaging? Then, you need to start inserting images in all your blog posts. By doing so, you enable search engines to have more chances of locating you. Here, to reap the maximum benefits from utilising pictures in your blog, you need to correctly name them as well as your alt-text based on the keywords that you use.

Strategic Use Of Keywords

Each blog entry that you post offers more chances to insert keywords in your content. It is important for you to perform keyword research to identify the phrases and keywords that most searchers use while looking for a company or business like yours. In this way, you can use the same keywords and strategically place them on your site. It will improve your SEO results. You can utilise long-tailed keywords for improving your outcome. However, avoid going overboard with the keywords.


Blogging provides you with the opportunity to insert links to more relevant sites. Here, these sites will also link back to yours, allowing you to generate more web traffic. You need to prioritise building strong relationships with top-quality and reputed sites that fit your desired niche whenever you end up backlinking.

Linking Socials

Did you know that Google returns results for posts from social media? So, you need to link your blog to all your accounts on social media. By doing so, you have better chances of the search engines finding your content.