Keep your marketing team motivated

How To Motivate Your Marketing Team

Usually marketing teams are known for their creative flare and impressive work ethic but as a leader, it’s important to keep your team motivated. This is important to keep people in your team engaged for further development. There are many ways to do this and it may vary depending on the team and the individual people within the team. Want to know how to motivate your team? Find out in this article.

Run A Workshop

One way which is proven to bring your team together and motivate them individually, is by running a marketing workshop. This might be a good idea if you want to refresh people’s minds on the company’s branding, values, target audience and general marketing. Doing this for new starters is perfect as they can fully understand what they should be focussing on with their work going forward. On the other hand, it will refresh current employees’ knowledge and even motivate them by reminding them why their work is so important. A marketing workshop will also bring in some team building and encourage people to work together. This is important for a marketing team as it will allow creativity to flow easily.

Run a marketing workshop

Celebrate Wins

Recognition in the workplace is key and will motivate your team even more. Whether you’re celebrating hitting a target, creating an amazing campaign or receiving feedback from a client, it’s important to share people’s successes. Within a marketing team, it’s very easy to look ahead to the next thing but making sure you’re taking a minute to appreciate people’s hard work will give them the determination to do it again. Celebrating doesn’t always mean a big party but it might just be as simple as saying thank you in the team meeting, a quick note to the individual employee or if you’re celebrating something very impressive, you might gather people for a social celebration.

Involve Your Employees

In order to motivate your team further, you might want to show your employees that they’re involved and that their opinion matters. Obviously, people can’t be involved with every project but asking for their ideas will make them feel more appreciated and motivate them to carry on thinking of new ideas. A good way to do this is by running regular team meetings where you discuss projects that are coming up and work together as a team to work on different campaigns. Making a collaborative environment will motivate everyone in the team, it’s guaranteed!

Employee Self Development

Encourage Self Development

Even though it’s great to motivate a team as a whole, it’s important to recognise people on an individual basis. This is important as each team member’s work should be seen as a separate matter on some level. You should always be working as a team but each person will have different goals and targets which is why focussing on their individual work is key for their motivation. This can be done in a variety of ways by having 1:2:1 meetings in order to discuss their goals and further development, encouraging them to attend networking events or provide training sessions that are focused on areas in which they could develop in. With the opportunity to focus on their development, it will give them the motivation to grow.

Have Fun

Even though self development and training is important, people also want to have fun in their job. This can be as simple as paying party music on a Friday, having a social hour after work or joining in with some team building activities that provide a stress free environment. This doesn’t need to be every day but ensuring you fit it in will work wonders for the team’s state of mind. Creating that balance will be much appreciated by the team.