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IGTV Video Ideas

On instagram you are now able to upload longer videos, for as long as 60 minutes. This is great for your business if you want to create longer videos and upload them to instagram.


Interviews and Q&A’s have become very popular on instagram recently. It’s a really good way for your clients or audience to get to know you as a company. It’s a simple way to get started and you don’t have to worry about bad connections and interruptions then when you do with live videos. You can always record your videos and edit them later.

Here we have one of our IGTV videos which shows all of our bloopers from our Q&A’s, and this just gives our audience a different side of Blue Whale that you might not see.

Introductions Videos

These types of videos are really good for your clients to get to know who works at your company. It lets people know what your role is in the company and also lets people know what they can expect from you when they see you on your social media platforms.

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Product and Services Videos

Product and Services Videos are very popular and this is why we create them quite often. This is a great way to show your audience what will receive when they use your product or services. Visually showing someone your services using a video will give you more engagement because it is easier to watch a video then it is to read about your services.

How to videos

People always want to know how to do it themselves. That’s why we have created some short little videos on how to create or fix things that you can do yourself. For example “how to correct the lighting of an image in Adobe Photoshop,” which is just a short video showing step by step on how this process is done. This type of content is useful for your clients and also saves you time to tell them how to do it every time certain questions get asked.

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Repurpose Content

If you have any other video content that is on your other social platforms you can also use this on IGTV. You might have to do some editing because your previous video might be horizontal, but it is a great way to boost your IGTV.

Podcast that you have used on instagram or YouTube would be great to use for posting on IGTV.