The most important pages your website needs to have.

The Important Pages Your Website Needs

One of the first things to think about when deciding about having a new website built, is exactly what pages will your new website need? In this blog, I will outline some of the most important pages you need to include on your website. When you deal with our Wigan website developers, we can walk you through the process of deciding which pages to include on your website based on your business model and website objectives.


Depending on how you structure your website, the homepage is probably the first page the majority of your website visitors will see. Therefore, it is important that your homepage sets the standard for the rest of your website by quickly showing what the objective of the page is, what the website is about and where the user should continue next. There should be a clear call to action to swiftly move your customer through the customer’s journey, high-quality content that can quickly inform your visitors the purpose of your website/business, and a clear focus on good user experience and navigational-awareness to create a user-friendly page.

About Page

Every company should incorporate an ‘about us’ page, ‘meet the team’ page or any other similar type of page. An about page helps to build trust between your brand and your company. By establishing your company values, accomplishments, team members and other company information, a customer can quickly see and realise that you are indeed a real company and not some one-man band creating a false image.

Product/Service Page

The product or service page is a key point in any website and, depending on the structure of your website, can represent your all-important landing pages of the website. Product pages should have clear call to actions, easy navigation and a focus on user experience to ensure the highest possible conversion rates.

Depending on your business type, a service page should be built to be more informative and content-focused, so your customers can have a clear idea of your services within their first contact.

Blog Page

A blog page is another important page for any business website which is commonly overlooked. A blog allows your website to appear fresh with useful and relevant content, for both customers as well as search engines. A blog is also a great way to improve the internal linking within your website, allowing you to improve keyword relevancy and show search engines which of your inner pages are more important than others.

Contact Page

A contact page is another important page in your website. Obviously, this is a page dedicated to informing your customers where they can find your business and how to contact your business, such as a mobile phone, telephone, email address or even on social media. This is an important page to include, especially for lead generation websites. Even if you utilise contact forms throughout your pages, the contact page is commonly the first place many customers will look for when they decide to get in touch with you or your business.