Who is Mickey Mouse?

Mickey Mouse is a funny animal cartoon character and the face of Walt Disney. He was created by Walt Disney himself way back in 1928. He is a human-like mouse who typically wears red shorts, yellow boots and white gloves. He is by far one of the most recognisable and famous characters in the world.

The Origin

Mickey Mouse was created in order to replace and earlier cartoon character, Oswald the lucky rabbit also created by the Disney studio. In the spring of 1928 Disney asked UB Iwerks to start drawing up new character ideas. Various sketches of various different animals such as dogs and cats were created, however none of them appealed to Walt Disney. The inspiration for Mickey Mouse came from a tame mouse he found at his desk. The original name was Mortimer Mouse which later got over ruled by Walt Disney’s wife who convinced him to change it leaving us with Mickey Mouse.

Mickey Mouse’s rise to the top

Mickey Mouse made his debut back in 1928 in a test screening of the cartoon short plane crazy. From 1929 to 1935 Mickey mouse started to appear in black and white films. This is where Mickey Mouse became very popular in a very short amount of time. By 1934 the Mickey merchandise had earned roughly $600,000 a year. As technology grew within the film industry so did the character itself. Even when Disney created more amazing an iconic character’s mickey remained at the forefront of Disney.

How much is Mickey Mouse Worth

It is said that Mickey Mouse being more than just a cartoon character that he has the same Value as Walt Disney Co. itself. This would mean Mickey mouse is worth around 178 Billion dollars, more than any other Character known to man. It is crazy to think that what was just a simple sketch has made so much value and impact on the world we live in today.

Character Design in the Modern era

Obviously the more we move through time the better the technology gets. Personalities of Characters created today are easier to portray through the power of animation an ability to let characters show emotion and mannerisms. It would be very easy to establish that today’s Mickey mouse is a lot more advanced than the one created nearly 90 years ago. However, the popularity of sketching characters still remains at large. Sometimes a pencil to paper can just be that little bit more beneficial for a designer to gather all the detail and information he/she needs for a good Web Design London.

Character Design for me

Personally Character Design is something I would love to be able to do. Especially one that’s worth the same as Mickey Mouse. The only character design I have done is the Blue Whale Meet the team page where I have made characters of all the staff. I really enjoyed the challenge of Creating them. This was because I hadn’t done something like it before.

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