How To Make A Successful Small Business Website

Key Features Your eCommerce Website Needs to Increase Sales

Pandemic or not, the number of eCommerce businesses has seen a steady increase these past few years. It is anticipated for the numbers to go up even further in the coming years. This state of affairs can be both good and bad for a business owner. On the bright side of things, you are sure to have a customer base because shopping online is the new norm. The not so great side of things is that you have plenty of competition. As an eCommerce business owner, how do you garner a good following amongst this sea of competitors? The answer is simple: implementing the right eCommerce tools/features, coupled with well-thought-out marketing strategies.

It’s All About Branding

Creating consistency with your brand’s website and content across various social media platforms is vital. Clearly spell out what you are offering customers and ensure that you convey the message(s) unchangingly. Maintaining uniformity with your site’s visuals is also crucial. Having a specific colour theme or graphics helps customers immediately identify your website from competitors’.

Pop-ups Can Attract or Detract

Have you ever accidentally landed on a website and decided to explore its content further, all because of its clever pop-up? That’s how important this step is when creating an eCommerce site. It not only helps attract customers but also captures any visitor as a potential lead for your site. Set up entry and exit pop-ups that prompt visitors with a CTA when they are on your website. Pop-ups are a quick way to register, capture, and lure customers in. A good pop-up consists of three things – captivating image(s), action-oriented CTAs (‘Get my Coupon’ instead of ‘Click Here’), and marrying the right colours.

Your Website’s Layout/Aesthetic Matters

Less is always more when creating a landing page. You want to present only essential information on it. Having a fast-loading site also helps increase conversion rates. Want to extend customer reach at minimum cost? Link your eCommerce website to all your social media accounts by a Manchester web designer. Much like the landing page, the state of your site’s checkout page can make or break a deal for customers. You want your site’s checkout page to be free of clutter and to clearly show details of shoppers’ potential purchases. Specifics such as shipping terms and conditions and payment options should be comprehensible and concise.

Happy Customers Equals a Happy Business

It’s not surprising that many people entirely do away with an eCommerce business because of poor customer service. To successfully build rapport with customers, ensure that there are multiple ways for them to get in touch with your team (social media, contact number, Email, live online chat). Prompt responses and immediately addressing their concerns go a long way in gaining their trust. 

Eye-catching ads and tantalising pop-ups draw shoppers to your site, but good customer service helps earn their loyalty. You also don’t want to underestimate the importance of an FAQ page on your site – it acts as a knowledge bank for shoppers. It also goes without saying that having a reliable CRM software is non-negotiable because without it, how else will you collate customer feedback so you can work out strategies that serve their interest, ultimately proving beneficial for your eCommerce business?