Killer Social Media Marketing Tips To Keep In Mind For 2021

Killer Social Media Marketing Tips To Keep In Mind For 2021


It’s a fact that social media has grown in influence and attracted more users in the past few years. That’s why if you have a website and an online brand, you need to get people exposed to it.

There are more than 3.8 billion social media users, all those users interact with various brands daily, and ventures with an effective social media marketing strategy secure notable conversions as well.

With a proper social media content strategy and metrics, you’ll get your social media marketing efforts rewarded. At Blue Whale Media, our social media marketing team is always looking for tips and ways for our social media marketing strategy.

Set clear goals and objectives

Consistency is the key to prosperous digital marketing, by setting goals and objectives will keep you consistent in your quest. Goals will help you to measure your marketing strategy’s progress over time, while objectives keep you focused on your brand’s tone and general business goals. You will have a 30% higher chance of succeeding with your marketing than those who do not set goals or objectives. Small actionable goals can be easily attained icer a period of time, whereas long term goals can be achieved throughout the business year within your marketing plan or strategy. 

Optimize your social media content

Social media marketing comes with competition, the only way to beat that competition is by creating top-notch content. Social media content can be written posts, videos, or infographics; Facebook and Instagram posts should be optimised for search engines by using the best SEO practices. Keep your content short, for example, videos should only be a maximum of 20-30 seconds on Instagram or Facebook, you can include the link to the full video, but only show a snippet if it is over a certain length. Remember to keep your content informative, witty, captivating, and engaging.

Identify Your Audience

It is good to remember that your target audience is not everyone using the internet. You need to ask yourself some questions; what does your ideal customer look like?  Who are you trying to reach? This will help you understand which social media platforms are best for your company and how you can market them most effectively. With this you can determine the right posting schedule, the tone of voice for your brand, and the type of content that you should publish. 

Know Your Platform

Do you ever post an image or media file on your page, only to find that it just doesn’t look right? Maybe it’s blurry or awkwardly cropped. Or worse, it doesn’t upload at all! You do not want this when your running your brand’s social media page, so try to get familiar with the latest standards for all major platforms, including dimensions, text-to-image ratios, and more. 

Social media marketing is a must-have for all businesses in the 21st Century! With the right set of social media marketing killer tips we’ve mentioned above, you also can master the art of social media marketing. If you would like more information, why not contact Blue Whale Media today?