Life As A Web Designer 

Well firstly I have to say happy Birthday to WordPress as it turned 15 on the 25th January 2018.

It’s hard to believe that a platform that I rely on so heavily now to grow my career and Blue Whale Media Ltd is actually half my age. But that just shows how far we have come in the last 15 years.

A Little About Me 

So, I was an eighties child (if you haven’t already worked that out from the above). That means I do remember the days of snake being the only game on a mobile. My first mobile phone was a Nokia 3210. If you don’t know what one is google it! Some people still believe this was the best phone ever! Whilst I’m not in that crowd I do applicate how far we have come since then, now we have the internet on our phone and App’s etc. With that development came mobile responsive websites and Applications thanks to Apple and the iPhone which launched 10 years ago last year.

Where Are We Now?

So where has that lead us. Now nearly every business has a website and App’s are becoming more and more popular. That’s lead to companies like Blue Whale Media Ltd becoming more and more popular for small businesses. We create beautiful websites to a high standard but at affordable prices.

What We Offer

We have mobile responsive websites starting from just £50.00 + VAT per month. These suit any small business and can help with those ever, demanding expenses by helping you spread the cost.

If you’re a little more established, you we have three great Business In A Box packages starting from £495 + VAT for a custom design 8 page website.

How We Work

With 2018 comes new processes from Blue Whale Media Ltd. We now use Doc Sign for our information request sheet which makes it incredibly easy to supply all the main information for your website online. We then use Dropbox to enable us to share all the files with yourselves. This is a great platform as it allow both us and you to review the files we have for your website at the same time.

We also have a new all singing all dancing websites which you can setup any monthly fees from.

Coming soon….. is also our all new support website which will enable you to submit amendments, images and queries to the support team online.

Why Should You Choose Blue Whale Media Ltd?

Well we are a one stop shop. We have a group of highly trained and skilled individuals from web designers, graphic designers, content writers and marketing executives to videographers, drone pilots. So, we can help you create the perfect website or footage for your company advert. We also have unlimited access to some of the best image banks available if you don’t have your own images.

All that from a family ran design agency in Birchwood Warrington. Give us a call today on 01925 552050. Thanks for reading.

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