How to Make the Most Out of Your Email Marketing

How to Make the Most Out of Your Email Marketing

As one of the most popular and effective marketing channels, emails are one of the most important marketing channels to master. Whilst social media marketing is effective, email marketing has the bonus of a mailing list, meaning that people who sign up are actively looking for updates from your brand.

However, being one of the most popular channels means there is tough competition from other email campaigns. Below are tips and tricks for you to make the most of your email marketing campaigns, and make them stand out in the ocean of your audience’s inboxes.

Start With a Strong Subject Line

In an email, the first (and only) thing your recipients will see is the subject line. Try things like adding your recipient’s name to make the email personalised, outlining a benefit to opening the email, and creating urgency. This can be especially tricky, as subject lines are limited to 40 – 50 characters, and trying to fit a lot. Try also to avoid common spam words such as “free” or “cash”, as these are frequently used by phishing emails and may cause your email to be lost in spam filters. This is one of the most common pitfalls for email campaigns failing.

Keep Information Brief

When someone goes to check their email, they often do so looking for something specific. Make sure that any information in your email is condensed as much as possible and gets to the point your audience is looking for quickly. You should also make sure that your email has a clear intent and purpose. Is the email intended to sell something? To give information on your business? To promote a new sale? Make sure you know why the email is being sent out and keep that as the central focus.

Always Include a Call to Action

As well as your emails having a clear intent and purpose, all emails you send out should include a call to action (CTA). This is critical as a single call to action will tell your audience exactly what to do. Make your CTA stand out against the rest of your email using colour and shape. For example, in a text heavy email having your CTA being a large coloured button contrasts it against the rest of the email, and makes it stand out much clearer than a simple hyperlink.

Multiple CTAs might be tempting to increase the amount of clicks you receive, but this is another common pitfall. By having too many CTAs you start to lose your audience’s attention. If most of your audience follows a CTA in the middle of the email, they may completely forget about the rest of it and may not even see the other CTAs. If the email you are making just won’t work without multiple CTAs, you might want to consider splitting it up into separate emails.

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