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Blue Whale Media understand online stores are fast becoming the go to choice for all level of retailer. In the past, effective eCommerce was thought to only be for companies with massive amounts of available funds to develop their online stores. Updates to platforms such as Magento and plugins for WordPress have made eCommerce projects a realistic option for every scale of operation by reducing the overall cost of developing eCommerce stores.

Subscription/Recurring Payments eCommerce


There are many advantages to having an eCommerce subscription website. This creates a more loyal customer base, but it also allows you to sell your products more effectively. Studies have shown that customers who subscribe to a service or product are more likely to return and make additional purchases in the future.

Competition/Raffle eCommerce


E-commerce has revolutionized how businesses operate, boosting competition and productivity. An eCommerce website allows works to be closer to their customers, providing an edge over the competition. Additionally, eCommerce helps businesses stay up-to-date with the latest technology, trends and changes in customer behaviour, making it a vital tool for remaining competitive. In today’s economy, it is essential to have an eCommerce website in order to stay ahead of the competition.

Traditional eCommerce


This type of website is perfect for businesses that want to sell to other companies. You can set up different pricing levels and discounts based on the buyer’s account status, which can give your business an edge over other wholesale eCommerce websites. You can also choose to manually approve new buyers, which gives you more control over who your business is doing business with.

Traditional eCommerce.

When you’re designing an eCommerce site, it’s important to make sure that it’s well-built and technically sound. This will ensure a great user affairs for your customers, which will carry them to your shop again and again. Make sure to focus on the details, and you’ll be able to create a successful online store.

eCommerce Website Development
eCommerce Website Design

Safe Payment Options.

When it comes to eCommerce, safety is of the utmost importance. That’s why we provide our customers with robust fraud protection measures, including encryption of data and high privacy levels. This ensures that your transactions are safe and secure, no matter your payment option. So whether you’re looking for a safe and reliable way to pay, or you want to be sure that your personal information is protected, we have a payment option that’s perfect for you. Choose from our wide range of safe and secure payment methods, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your transactions are always secure.

A Website That Works With You.

As much as you want an online store that offers a good user experience, you also want a platform that’s easy for you to use and manage the sales. All our websites feature a systematic and straightforward order management system for flawless delivery management.

Platforms we build on

Our team is experienced in building custom platforms that will meet your specific needs and help you reach your target audience. We use the latest technologies and frameworks to create high-quality, responsive websites that will work on any device. Whether you need a platform for a B2B or B2C business, we can build it for you.


Subscription eCommerce.

Subscription eCommerce Website Design

The subscription eCommerce market is forecast to grow rapidly in Manchester over the next few years. According to the Royal Mail report, this predicts that the market revenue for this type of eCommerce will reach 1 billion pounds by 2022. There are many reasons for this growth, including the increasing popularity of subscription services and the convenience they offer customers. In addition, businesses in Manchester are becoming more innovative in the ways they use subscription eCommerce to reach new customers and build loyalty among existing ones. All of this is good news for consumers in the city, who will have more options than ever when it comes to shopping online. It’s also good news for local businesses, which will be able to take advantage of the growing demand for subscription services.

There are three wide kinds of subscription eCommerce styles: subscription boxes, replicate purchase styles and add the facilities to your site. Contribution boxes are a very famous type of contribution eCommerce style, continued by repeat buying styles. including these facilities to your site can start to give a continuous monthly revenue that might support your business’ eCommerce dealings.

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eCommerce Website Design

Competition eCommerce.

Automatic Ticket Allocation & Tracking

Competition eCommerce is the perfect solution for businesses that want to increase sales and drive traffic to their website. It offers a unique and interactive experience that customers will love. Using our automatic ticket allocation and tracking system, you can be sure that your customers receive their tickets in the right format and that their experience is smooth and effortless. With our system, you can relax and focus on your business while we take care of the competition eCommerce details. Contact us today to learn more about this service and how it can benefit your business.

Built-in Winner Selection System

This feature allows you to ensure that all participants have an equal chance of winning and that an independent third party verifies the results. This system is the perfect way to run a fair and transparent raffle.

Reliable Payment Gateway

A payment gateway is an essential part of any eCommerce business. You will need a gateway that is reliable and easy to use. Make sure you choose a payment gateway that will work seamlessly with your shopping cart software. This will ensure a smooth and trouble-free shopping experience for your customers.

Wholesale eCommerce.

An eCommerce site that is well designed sound can completely change the way you do business online. By being able to sell your products and services to a wider audience, you can see a significant increase in your profits and overall success. Having a great website that is easy to use will help keep your customers coming back, while also making it easy for them to buy what they need.

Wholesale eCommerce Website Design

eCommerce is cost-effective.

Apart from the initial investment in ecommerce software, getting online is more cost-effective than you think. Wholesale ecommerce will give your business a wider group of potential buyers the opportunity to see your products. It’s another marketing platform; think about how much money you will save and how much you could potentially be making with a hugely effective wholesale ecommerce website.

Print catalogues are obsolete.

As technology advances, it makes it faster and easier for customers to find what they’re looking for. By having an online presence, you’ll be able to update your catalogue with just a few clicks, which will keep your inventory current. This will lead to the eventual demise of wholesale records as we know them today.

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