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Website Hosting Services

Website Hosting Manchester.

When you are looking for a trusted partner to handle the media and design of your website, choosing Blue Whale Media is a smart move. Cookie-cutter plans may have been effective in the past, but with our customizable server and website hosting menu, your plan will fit the way you do business. Our team of industry experts is also on hand to lend assistance when needed to ensure that you get the most out of what we have to offer.

Our hosting packages are made to order which ensures that your specific requirements will be achieved efficiently. Regardless of how much traffic your website generates or how complex your specific hosting needs may be, we can help you create a profitable fit.

As a brand, there should never have to be a choice between affordability and service quality. Our team always provides the best services regardless of what rates we charge because you should never have to go broke to grow your business. Knowing where you want to go in terms of content and site design is important. The next formidable hurdle is choosing what type of hosting will help you move your brand forward.

Our hosting team here possesses the skills and the experience to help you move ahead of the competition. We offer web hosting plans that are customized and cost-efficient for every business size. We provide both virtual private hosting and shared server hosting regardless of business type or average web traffic volume to address your needs.

Blue Whale Media

Our Web Hosting Ideology.

Here at Blue Whale Media, we think about our customers ahead of our profits. The goal is to work alongside our clients in a way that allows us to comprehend their needs and ensure they are absolutely satisfied with the results we provide. Every brand wants a website that is secure, stable, and responsive. Our team is dedicated to providing 100% uptime on the network for all of our client’s services and websites. In addition, we make certain that security and firewalls are always functioning optimally while remaining as up-to-date as possible. This will keep you and your site visitors safe while browsing the web.

WordPress integrated

WordPress Integrated

Server Monitoring

Server Monitoring

Daily website backups

Daily Backups

WordPress Logo
Website hosting with WP Engine

WP Engine.

For more than 15 years, WordPress has remained the most beloved resource for creating and customizing websites. As of now, it has become the most used system on the internet for content management. For content creators, the WP engine is a priceless resource. The platform supports just about anything that can be published online. The WP engine can be utilized as an e-commerce platform, image distribution portal, a content curation resource, and much more. All the tools needed to develop a responsive, attractive website are built-in. With several bases for their servers, there is never a reason to fear losing your site because disaster recovery protocols are included.

Host your website with us

Blue Whale Media

Why Host Your Website With Us.

Of the many reasons to choose us for your website hosting, one is the most important. We don’t provide hosting-only packages to ensure that every website on our servers remains up to date and is always maintained. Website maintenance is one of the most overlooked aspects of managing a site that business owners overlook. Out of date CMS or programs can leave a website and the server it is hosted on vulnerable to attacks. We check for vulnerabilities by running a rota every six weeks to check for updates. This ensures that your website is safe and that our servers remain secure.

Set Pricing

All of our services have a set price, but your packages can be customized to add or remove services according to the needs of your business.

Partnered with the Best

WP Engine offers both speed and security so that your website is rich in features and fully functional.

Amazing Infrastructure

You won’t have to worry about downtime by working with one of the largest web services on the internet.

Continuous Development

Our digital team is constantly on the lookout for ways to improve our infrastructure and services. This allows us to constantly stay on the cutting edge and give our clients the best options currently available.

A Wealth of Experience

Nothing beats the skills, knowledge, and experience provided by our team. We offer creative hosting solutions as unique as your business.

Expect Aftercare

We offer dedicated support to all of our clients via our help board. You can access this 24 hours a day, every day of the week.


£40 +VAT Per Month

The WordPress software and security updates are done monthly for you

The theme software and security updates are done monthly

The plugin theme software and security updates are also done monthly

We ensure secure hosting and your website is backed up hourly

400 MB Storage

Up to 8GB Bandwidth

Up to 5000 visits per month