Marketing Ideas to keep you off the naughty list

Marketing Ideas to keep you off the naughty list

As far as business marketing is concerned, the Christmas season calls for some serious planning! Making the right move could end your year on a favourable note, whereas making a marketing blunder could find you on the naughty list. Your customers or clients are expecting you to run Christmas and new year promotions, just like every other company across the world.

But, what marketing tactics should you be using to ensure your products or services make their way onto your consumer’s wish lists? At Blue Whale Media, we’ve taken the liberty of writing and creating marketing ideas that should keep you off the naughty list.

Email Overloads – NAUGHTY

We all see that there’s an increase in marketing emails over the Christmas period, however, this isn’t permission to spam your customers. Try to use statistics from previous email marketing campaigns to determine what resonates with your mailing lists in terms of content, tone, images and more. You can then use this to craft marketing messages with relevant holiday promotions. The last thing you want to do is get your business blacklisted or unsubscribed.

Themed communications – NICE

To put together an effective marketing campaign that sticks with your customers, you need a story. Think about the most famous or successful ads out there to give you some inspiration and imagination. The 12 days of Christmas is a good example as it lends itself to countdowns and promotions; you could also personalise this as a nice addition for your customers. But remember, quality over quantity, no one likes a snowstorm of holiday content via email or social media.

Over-automations – NAUGHTY

Automation is a powerful thing and the ability to schedule emails and social media posts in advance can be really handy. But, don’t just put communications on autopilot and walk away, you need to check back in from time to time and respond with genuine actions. Also, just because you’re running more promotions than usual, the content your producing as a company shouldn’t suffer. Make sure 80% of your content is useful in some way and 20% can be promotional.

Holiday Action Plan – NICE

As the year is coming to an end, your office can get as disorganised as your Christmas decoration box that comes out once a year. Try to make it a company tradition to get ahead of the game and enable an action plan for the year ahead. This can range from crafting your marketing spending plan to creating a holiday calendar. Think of it as a new years resolution plan for your business goals.

The most wonderful time of the year is also a wonderful time to take advantage of growth opportunities within your marketing. Embrace the festive spirit and if you stick to these nice tips and avoid the naughty ones, your sure to have a healthy return on your marketing initiatives.

If you need more help with a festive marketing plan or email marketing campaigns, please get in touch with Blue Whale Media today!