Marketing ideas for beauty salons

Marketing Inspiration For The Beauty Industry

In recent years, the beauty industry has been slaying the social media world. A lot of the biggest beauty accounts have millions of followers and produce a lot of the posts that are published on social media. With this in mind, if you work in the beauty industry, it’s important to get your brand out there and take advantage while you can. If you need social media marketing inspiration for your business, carry on reading to find all the ideas you need.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has taken over, becoming one of the most popular techniques. There are thousands of influencers out there that are able to build your brand identity and can even win you some sales as well. However, it also benefits the influencer as they usually receive money or free products to promote. When working with influencers, it’s important to find ones that work with your brand. It won’t work using anyone, you want to find people who have an interest in the beauty industry and have a similar style to your branding.

User Generated Content

For every beauty brand, there’s thousands of followers using their products. With this in mind, user generated content is a great way to fill your timeline with content that fully interacts with your audience. Encouraging people to tag themselves and post about your products not only allows you to see people’s reviews but also gives you the opportunity to share this content with your other followers. This also allows people to see how others are using your products and might even give them inspiration to do the same.

Referral Discounts

A great way to keep customers coming back is by using referral schemes. For example, if a customer purchases an item or uses your services, it’s great to give them a referral discount to share with their friends. If you want to do this online, email marketing is the way to go. Once a customer orders an item, it’s great to send through an email with a discount code for them to share amongst their friends. This is not only a great incentive for the customers but it also gets your brand across to multiple people who might not have bought from you before.


For the beauty industry, video marketing is the perfect match. It allows you to promote your products/services whilst educating your customers. Tutorials have been very popular recently and are great to post on social media. Instagram is a great place to do this as you can post on stories or on IGTV. These are quick and easy to produce but really grab your customer’s attention.

Marketing Inspiration For The Beauty Industry

Personal Content 

It’s great to post about your products and services but the beauty industry is much more than that. It’s a community that enjoys interacting with each other and connects with the same interests. A good idea for your social accounts, is to include less commercial posts and use posts like inspirational quotes, memes or news articles. These still give you online content to publish but also provides you with a brand voice that shows a more human side to your business.

With all these marketing ideas in mind, it’s time for you to start publishing some content. Unsure how to start? Create a marketing plan that allows you to cover your target audience, what platforms you want to use, type of content you want to publish and your posting schedule. For more information on how to set up your marketing campaign, visit