The most common spelling mistakes that you should avoid when writing content.

Incredibly Common Spelling Mistakes That Make You Look Less Intelligent

Proper and correct spelling makes people perceive you as more intelligent and increases your chances of getting a job. If you’re regularly making spelling mistakes, people will judge your writing more harshly. One in six people says their spelling is occasionally so bad that their computer can’t even recognise the word to correct it.

With that in mind, here are some of the most common spelling mistakes and misspelled words and ways to spell them correctly in the future from our content writer at Blue Whale Media.


To our surprise, we find that people often spell tomorrow with a double M and only one R. For example, ‘tommorrow’ and ‘tommorow.’


People have been known to spell the number 40 with the word “four” in it. But somewhere in history, the U was dropped and now we spell it as ‘forty’.


There is some shame in misspelling ‘misspell.’ The correct spelling has two S’s because prefixes are kept with their final letter the same as the base word’s first letter.


Another one that is always misspelled with two C’s is ‘necessary.’ Just remember there are to S’s and only one C.


As with many spelling rules ‘I before E except after C,’ this saying has plenty of exceptions. However, in the case of the word ‘Receive,’ the rule holds up.


This is another word that is commonly misspelled within the English language. Too often, when people are spelling this word, they forget the two R’s but remember the S’s.


We’ve all done it; this word is very commonly misspelled. We recommend that you spell ‘recommend’ with one C and two M’s for accuracy.


This is in the top five of the most commonly misspelled words in the English language. Just remember that ‘accommodate’ has two C’s and two M’s.


‘True’ ends with an E, but when you turn the word into an adverb, it becomes truly as you drop the E and add LY.


People often mistakenly spell ‘separate’ with one E in the middle of the word instead of an a. Just remember that there are two A’s and two E’s.


This remains the most commonly misspelled word as people cannot resist spelling it with an A – ‘definately’. Remember the word ‘definite’ and then add the LY rather than changing the overall spelling.


This word is misspelled because of pronunciation confusion. Some people say schedule as if it were a three-syllable word – e.g., sched-u-al, which it isn’t.


The word ‘publicly’ seems to defy the rules of the English language altogether. Unlike ‘basically’ and ‘tragically’, there is no ‘al’ in the middle of publicly.

Modern business is often conducted via quick-fire typing on tiny screens. This makes it easy for words to be misspelled because everyone is quickly typing or making typing errors as they are thinking.

At Blue Whale Media, we recommend spell checking everything you write, yes it takes time, but it’s better than looking less intelligent. On the other hand, you can hire a team of local content writers in the UK to help with all your content requirements!