Motion Graphics in Branding

This blog will be a fairly vague blog in terms of the topic as I am just going to talk about motion in branding in general. Talking about companies that use motion and talking about why it is effective. I will also attempt to explain the importance of motion in branding as gone are the days when a logo and visual identity system can sit still at the top of the letterhead. We live in a fast-paced, digital world where identity needs to live and breathe.

The Importance of Motion in Branding

In the day in age, screens are all around us. We spend a lot of our days looking at our computers, phones and televisions. Sometimes all at the same time. This creates more opportunity in terms of design for moving image.

Adding motion and even sound to the toolkit of any brand identity is becoming more and more important as technology progresses. Gone are the days of static images, they need to move, flow and live in the new digital era.

The idea of moving logos is far from new and film companies and TV channels have been using it successfully for years.

Examples of Film Studio Animations

Just as brands protect their colour values, typefaces and logo, so too will they value the protection of their animation style. It’s important as the animation style can help further brand recognition in the same way as colour and typeface do.

It’s important to remember, it’s not just the logo that needs to move, but also the way text and information appear on the screen, how images and video clips are brought on screen, and how the branding elements move around and react with each other.

Descriptive Examples of Brands Using Motion Graphics

The first company I would like to describe would be O2, the company uses a lot of blue colouring in its branding, however, they have stuck with using bubbles in their branding.

The second company I would mention is Netflix, they have a rather interesting way of transitioning as they use their branding colours (red, white and black) to slide across the screen representing the infinite and ever-changing catalogue that they offer us. Finally, I would like to mention Logitech, their new campaign videos are extremely vibrant and have really bright colours. It is a really eye-catching way of reaching its target audience, which is usually younger people.

Benefits of Motion Graphics in Branding

Most successful market players have been using video marketing for years and produce stunning results regularly, however, they might have a larger budget than the average Joe setting up video marketing for the first time. Video marketing can be really expensive, that is if you want to hire actors and big film shoots etc. However, motion graphics will mean you spend considerably less time and money on the creation of an original and neat video. It will convey key selling points, but not overcomplicate the message and lose visual appeal at the same time.

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