Women in Tech

My Career as a woman in tech

As a content writer in a marketing agency, I inherently turn to blogs as a medium for exploration, education, and inspiration. Similar to the experience of wandering a garden, like many digital media enthusiasts, I find myself lost within the internet daily.

The beginning

When I first started thinking about my career at the end of high school, I did not believe having an ambition to be a woman in tech had a negative impact in any way. In all sense, it empowered me because everyone has dreams of what they want to do as a career.

My dream was becoming a writer and I crossed every hurdle to do that. My drive and ambition is something I want to use to empower another girl out there.

I was empowered to become a writer; I looked up to all the women in technology who came in during tech events while I was in college and university. And now I’m a content writer at Blue Whale Media, after all the hard work and waiting for the right opportunity I’ve found the job I wanted since being in high school.

Don’t give up.

There’s one bit of advice that I wish I could give every girl aspiring to be a woman within the tech industry – never give up. Studies show that women leave tech at twice the rate of men. I know what it’s like to feel like you’re getting nowhere with your Career. If you’re low on motivation, get back to basics and remind yourself why you do what you do and who benefits from it. Reflect on what motivates and drives you.

I assure you that with time, distance and support, it is worth the wait.


By sharing stories of women within tech, we can help each other see technology as more accessible and a more legitimate career path. This starts to bring to life the purpose of technology, inspiring other women to join the industry. The time is now for us all to change society and create a future in tech that will include females.

For Future Generations

One of the most significant reasons to include women in the tech industry is to encourage and inspire future generations of women to pursue technology-related jobs. However, the most valuable inspiration comes from girls and young women seeing other women actually succeeding in the tech industry. There is so much opportunity out there for women working within technology.

Future and opportunity

The future of the technology field will continue to create more jobs and it will also be woven into more aspects of everyday life. By encouraging more girls to see a future in tech, we will have more qualified women available who want to become a woman in tech. Companies are beginning to wake up to the value of women in the industry, both as customers and employees, there are endless possibilities to explore. The tech sector must continue to encourage women within the industry and then retain the female demographic. Technology’s future depends on it.

One-in-six tech specialists in the UK are women; only one-in-ten are IT leaders. Female representation in the technology sector has stalled over the last ten years, research reveals.

Women, ladies, girls in tech, continue empowering each other and keep looking out for one another. Let’s create a more favorable future for girls who look up to us.