How Neuralab Build a Custom Automotive Experience on WooCommerce

Renovating old vehicles is a large matter of fact. It’s likewise craftsmanship that’s made by individuals with the capacity to save a legacy. Pagoda Classics is a Croatia founded rebuilding and redesign organisation with over 25 years of experience and more than 150 remodelled vehicles. CEO President Karlo Beštak and his gifted group are dedicated to bringing the best standards in reestablishing great autos to a superior than-new condition.

eCommerce Website design

Power of Videos and Photos

The video was utilised for foundation visuals as a component of the plan, but likewise as an on-request apropos video that would recount to the tale behind Pagoda Classics – Ecommerce Warrington. Photographs, then again, were utilised to depict the individual autos on sale. They would either be uploaded in 4K or higher to ensure users have new arrivals in incredible detail. Viewing that the costs of these products go up to million Euros, it’s basic to avoid any alcove and crevice to potential clients.

Finding the perfect location

Pagoda Classics had duo wishes for the video: great looking rugged scenery and epic drone footage. Neuralab is honoured to have groups in Croatia where beautiful surroundings are bountiful. Besides, the firm has island Pag, which throughout the years, has gotten referred to as the go-to area in Europe for shooting auto advertisements – Ecommerce Warrington. A portion of its scene resembles the moon’s surface, so picking the shooting location was a no-brainer.

Crucial production asset

The pivotal production asset for this sort of video is b-roll. To have a broad range of it, the firm utilised gimbals, sliders, tripods, drones, and monopods. The entirety of the sound was field recorded with a shotgun mike. The shooting took place in December when sunshine is short; hence, the need for a proper shortlist to avoid wasting time – Ecommerce Warrington. Shooting began with the dawn on the ferry crossing and completed with the dusk on the opposite side of the island.

Good product photography

Even though videography is preeminent with matters of brand awareness and conversions, photographs still play a significant task in each eCommerce store. They catch and hold clients’ attention. With Pagoda Classics, there were two objectives, in regards to the formation of photograph content – Ecommerce Warrington. To conceptualise and deliver top-notch photographs, which were to be utilised initially as a portion of website design, and as item photographs in the stocklist area.

Second objective

The firm’s second objective was to counsel Pagoda Classics content makers on vehicle photography. They wanted them to shoot and publish top-notch photographs themselves. This ended up extraordinary! Pagoda Classics was adequately lucky to encounter a tech-savvy client who is willing to learn and advance into the main organisation in all the given segments – Ecommerce Warrington. They’ve handled photograph creation effortlessly, and the entirety of the photographs for ongoing augmentations to stocklist was shot and edited.

Artfully crafted automotive

Making custom substance for Pagoda Classics was both a rush and a test! Pagoda Classics much enjoyed seeing the classic epic autos very close and attempting to pass on the narrative of the organisation for potential clients. They feel that the given substance adorns the WooCommerce venture. WooCommerce turned out to be the ideal solution for this undertaking. That’s due to its REST APIs, customisable framework, and is one of the best custom theme platforms in the development industry – Ecommerce Warrington. For comprehensive guide on your project, contact Blue Whale Media on 01925 552050 or [email protected].