The nine ingredients you need to make great content

The Nine Ingredients That Makes Great Content

If you are reading this blog, you understand the necessary process of creating great content for your website or blog. It can help you achieve higher SEO rankings, drive more traffic, and gain more potential leads.

If you are looking for ways to improve your content, then this guide is for you. We list the nine ingredients that will significantly enhance your content, according to our own expert content writers.

Create Original Content

Creating original content will not only make your website better but will also improve your search engine rankings. The reason is that search engines such as Google reward higher rankings to sites that have original content.

One of the greatest mistakes many business owners make when it comes to creating content for their websites or blogs are as follow:

  • How can we produce quality content cheaply and easily?
  • Can we take content from other websites and re-post?

You should avoid such thinking. Instead, we recommend making some investment for your content. Remember the maxim “as you sow, so shall you reap.” And if you do not have anything essential to write, then do not write it at all.

Use Effective Headlines

Your headlines determine whether the readers will continue reading your article or leave. As such, you should provide effective headlines for your content.

We always recommend investing some time when creating your headlines; do not rush it. Remember that strong headlines create interest and invite readers.

Actionable Content

Quality content provides readers with how to apply the information. It will help if you include essential tips on how the readers can apply what you are offering. However, you should not demean your audience by telling them what to do.

Give Answers

When people look for something in the search engine, they want an answer. It is the same with reading articles or blog posts. By reading your content or watching your video, the readers expect answers to their questions.

Besides, you should design your content so that your audience can easily scan for their queries.

Accurate Facts And Stats

You should always remember that accuracy is the key to build trust with your audience. If what you write in your content turns out to be inaccurate, it can significantly damage you and your business reputation.

Always keep in mind that your content or blog post is a reflection of your business or company.

Appealing And Thought-Provoking

We decide whether to read an article just by reading the first few sentences. Hence, you need to create engaging content for your website or blog. One way is by providing a catchy and promising introduction. Another effective way to make your readers more engaging is by adding stories into your content.

You should also include questions that allow your audience to reflect on how they can execute the information you have provided.

Include Videos and Images

Learning styles differ from one person to another. Some learn better by listening, while others by reading. However, visual aids appeal to all types of learners. As such, you should include videos and images while writing your content.

Unless you are writing a novel, nobody likes to view content that has lengthy paragraphs. But we do not mean including images in your content unnecessarily. Maintain a balance.

Get To The Point

You should not make content too wordy or focus on word count. Longer articles do not mean you have better content.

Your content should be brief, and you should present the information in bullet-points. It will keep your readers engaged.

Update Your Blog With Fresh Content

Google does not favour websites that do not update their content regularly. Besides, updating your website frequently draws higher visitors.

Although how often should you update your site is a matter of personal choice, we recommend doing it at least twice a week.


To sum up, you should not treat it lightly when it comes to creating content for your site or blog. It requires time and effort to create quality content.

However, the above-listed points are essential ingredients that you should keep in mind when creating content for your site or blog.