Trends that our Marketing Company Warrington think will be overlooked in 2020

With a fresh year, many businesses are investing in upgraded digital marketing strategies. Everybody may be speaking about similar strategies that are guaranteed to provide results. However, at Blue Whale Media, our Marketing Company Warrington team are dedicated to providing you with a comprehensive list of popular and lesser-known trends that are sure to bring your business success in the coming year. We have gathered interesting trends that are sure to provide your company with a degree of success but we think will not be commonly used.

Relying solely on Google Analytics will not spell success say Marketing Company Warrington

In digital marketing, we are all huge fans of Google Analytics. It would be a lie to say that we do not heavily rely on Google Analytics, but it needs to be a delicate balance to spell success.  Although Google Analytics is a fantastic free tool, it cannot make up for human intuition. Marketing has changed in the past few years and Google Analytics can only offer so much information and guidance. Nowadays, our Marketing Company Warrington team see the success of a website and its marketing strategy lies in incorporating a more complex and thought out data that cannot be taken from Google Analytics.

Marketing Company Warrington see companies optimising for voice search but not sales and revenue conversion

Statistics show that in 2020 over 50% of searches online will be through voice search. This trend is not new and has been developing for the past few years. However, for the number of companies upgrading their content to reflect the change in voice search, only a small percentage are optimising for the adjusted revenue. There are not many solutions available to capitalise on voice searches, but there is works alongside any smart home device and customises interactions and shopping lists in relation to your repeat asks and questions. Our Marketing Company Warrington team are sure that this trend will quietly grow in 2020 and flourish in the years to come.

Marketing Company Warrington think that email will require an overhaul to be effective in 2020

We all know by now that email is here to stay and is a vital tool in any marketers arsenal. However, as with most things, it must evolve to stay relevant. As it stands, our Marketing Company Warrington statistics show that click rates have dropped in recent years and companies have begun to combat this by incorporating chatbots like ManyChat, which leverages Facebook Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp

An increase in automation and AI from Marketing Company Warrington

Many upstarts and new businesses may not be able to keep up with larger companies and invest in advertising. However, our Marketing Company Warrington team predict that smaller and larger corporations alike will now invest in AI-supported software to even the playing field and create targeted advertising.


2020 will be an interesting year for marketing and companies will need to find ways to stay up to date and relevant within their industry. For further information or to speak to our Marketing Company Warrington team, please follow the link below: