Pastel Colour Palette

#fbf6e0 Colour


#fff9c7 Colour


#e0eff6 Colour


#ecdff3 Colour


#fedadc Colour


#d7f0ed Colour


What is a colour palette and why you need one?

A colour palette is an arrangement of colours that can be used together to create a specific tone or theme. Colour palettes can range up and down the spectrum and can be closely similar or it can go to the other end of the line and be completely different but work together in a scheme. It is important though that they are complement each other. Colour palettes can consist of 2 colours, 3 colours or more. They can used for a variety of different things, but the main ones are branding and web design.

Pastel Colour Palette

What do these colours represent?

These colours work together to create a soft tone as the pastels are light and not harsh. As soon as you look at this colour scheme, you can see an Easter theme. Easter is usually represented with pastel colours that are light and fully due to the time of year – Spring. Another way these colours relate to Spring is through flowers. Flowers that are seen in Spring are usually light too. In addition to Spring, Easter and flowers, these colours also portray a calm and peaceful vibe which would be beneficial to some businesses who want to sell that sort of atmostphere to their customers.

What industry the colour palette works for

When relating it to a specific industry, these colours would work best for a nursery or something relating childcare due to the soft and light colours that remind you of an innocent approach. This would work well for their branding or website. An alternative look would be a wedding or florst. These pastel light colours would work wonders for a wedding planner as they bring across a happy feel which is what a business would want their clients to feel. Another business that would benefit from these colours is a sweets shop. Maybe an unusual choice but because the colours are so varied, it could represent the sweets and the different flavours. Linking back to the colours portraying an innoncent feel, sweets are usually relatable to children which means these colours would attract the correct audience. 

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