The best type of fonts to use in a business website

Professional Fonts to use on a business website

According to our own website design company in Wigan, designing a business website requires much more than just using colours and images. You also have to use the right fonts as well. Different fonts have different meanings and values; hence you should choose something that resonates with your business.

When choosing a font for your site, you should also check if the font is user friendly, readable, and web-safe.

Here are the top 9 professional fonts that you can use on your business website:

1.  Playfair Display

Playfair Display is a serif font that has a modern feel to it. The style is elegant and somewhat feminine, making it a great choice for a business website that deals with women. It supports a bunch of weights from bold to italics. However, the lighter weights work best with headers.

2.  Arvo

Arvo is perhaps one of the most versatile typefaces on the web. It has a geometrical design that maintains the readability even in small sizes. The font comes in four weights, which are regular, bold, italic, and bold italic. You can make your website look modern or classic, depending on the weight. This versatility makes this website one of the best picks for business websites.

3.  Merriweather

Developed specifically for use on digital screens, Merriweather is one of the most legible fonts you can use. Regardless of its weight, this font can be an excellent choice for brands that want to look professional and serious.

4.  Dosis

If your business is all about technology and innovative science, look no further. The Dosis font has a futuristic design that will be perfect for your website. This font looks amazing for tech startups when you pair it with fonts like Lato and Exo.

5.  Open Sans

Open Sans is a highly readable font that has a minimalistic feel to it. While it can be a great option for almost every website, it works particularly well with business websites.

If you want your website to look reliable and professional, this font can be your best bet.

6.  Helvetica

Helvetica is another font that is popular for its versatility with more than a hundred variations. While it is an old font (built in 1957), it is still extremely popular thanks to its universal appeal and simplicity.

7.  Montserrat

Montserrat is a professional looking font that you can use just about anywhere. It looks great whether you use it as a header or body text. The font is suitable for any type of professional business, but it is more appealing for the millennial demographic. 

8.  Lato

Created specifically for corporate use, the Lato font is great for businesses that are in a more serious field. While it looks extremely professional, it still feels inviting and warm. If you have an accounting company, you might want to use this font.

9.  Bebas Neue

Bebas Neue is an all caps font from the sans serif font family. This font is great for attention grabbing titles or headers. Much like Dosis, Bebas Neue also has a futuristic feel to it that resonates with tech brands. Some of the fonts which it works well with are Playfair, Montserrat, and Lato.